Kinetic Log Splitter- A buying Guide for Users

Are you on the lookout for a log splitter? If so, you will be glad you found this article. This article will walk you through the features of a log splitter and brief you about the various things to look for when making your purchase. But before you read on, the first thing you need to think about is, Why do you need a product like a kinetic log splitter? What type of job do you need to do with it? This is vital because there are many brands and options available for you to choose from; if you are not clear with your individual needs, you might get overwhelmed or end up shelling on features that you might never use.

What is a kinetic log splitter?

It is a wood cutting machine that uses kinetic energy to cut the logs. It makes use of a flywheel system that gets powered by a motor and splits the wedge at a much faster rate with minimal effort. It saves a ton of your energy and time compared to the traditional log cutting tools. Flywheels, motor, rack, belt, ram, pinion lever, and a lever are the main components of a kinetic log splitter.

What are its benefits?

Fast cycle speed

Though the speed varies in each model, it is three times faster than its hydraulic counterpart. On average, it takes 2-3 seconds to split a log, far less than hydraulic log splitters, which takes 14-15 seconds per log piece.

Good for tough jobs

These log splitters are specially designed to handle tough jobs. Unlike, Hydraulic log splitters that are available at low tonnages (3,5-ton, etc.), which is good for splitting small logs. Kinetic splitters are an excellent option for hardwoods, blackwood, ironbark, red gum, stringybark and more.

Easy to maintain

Since there are no hydraulic oil or pumps, these types of log splitters are easier to maintain. Plus, there are no leaky valves, no messy oil. But just like every other machinery, you need to turn it up regularly if you have gas fuel. Over that, if you have an electric-powered model, you don’t even need to do that.

More eco-friendly

As discussed, the motor of these wood splitters are powered by electricity; they produce less noise and produce fewer carbon emissions. Hence, there are more suitable options for indoor settings like in a workshop, barn, or shed.

What to consider in a kinetic log splitter?

Here are a few key things you need to consider when making your purchase:


Kinetic log splitters come in a range from 5 tons to 40 tons. If you use it for personal home use, 8-10 tons will work best for you; however, if you have a large volume of woodwork, go for 20 tons or more.


They are large but still smaller than hydraulic splitters. If you need to transport them frequently, make sure they are easy to tow and move.


If you need to cut large wedges, it is worth checking the largest log size your chosen splitter can cope with. A splitter under 10 tons may struggle to work with more challenging logs.

Cycle time

A splitter takes time to cut the log and return to its initial position. The faster it is, the quicker you will be able to perform your work.


Your splitter will be handling tough jobs; hence it makes sense that it should be durable and makes your job of splitting logs a breeze for many years to come.

Ease of Assembly

Make sure the log splitter you are buying is easy to assemble. Look for the one with clear instructions or tutorials that would be a great help for you.

This product ensures faster work, stronger action and requires less maintenance.

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