How to Sell Old Textbooks

Today, many students face financial problems due to various factors, for example:

  1. They have to pay for their tuition or pay off the student loan;
  2. They live separately from their parents and have no financial support from the family;
  3. They lead a too expensive lifestyle and spend the entire budget by the end of the month.

There are many reasons for the financial crisis of students, but each person, faced with a similar problem, has a thought: Where can I earn extra money?

You can earn extra money, but even a second job isn’t enough, and you can’t risk your college progress. Also, nobody wants to take out a bank loan, and scholarships are challenging to get.

There is another method – selling your old items. For instance, selling old textbooks can bring you extra profits, but you need to do it carefully to maximize your earnings. In this article, you will learn how to sell your old textbooks effectively.

1. Sell your old textbooks in online stores

You can sell your old textbooks online. On book platforms like, you can compare the prices of textbooks and get valuable advice on how to fill out your abstract correctly and estimate the demand for your book.

Additionally, you need to understand that you have to pay additional fees for using the services of an online store, so it is best to turn to this option if you have a lot of sales tutorials.

2. You can sell your old textbooks in college

You don’t have to look far to sell your textbooks. You can find your buyers right in college among students one year younger. Moreover, you do not have to pay extra fees to intermediaries, so your profit may be higher. However, your customer base will be very narrow, and some customers may demand money back after a specific time.

3. Sell textbooks to bookstores

This option is more difficult since not all bookstores buy old textbooks, but you can find similar places. In such cases, bookstores will sell textbooks at massive discounts, and accordingly, they will buy your books for a pittance. This method is beneficial if you need to sell books, but no matter at what price.

4. Find buyers in social networks and forums

As the most ineffective option it will be difficult for you to find your buyer; however, you can publish an advertising post and attract your buyers. This option is ideal for those who do not need to sell textbooks urgently and can wait a month or more. But you need to be realistic and not overestimate your expectations.

What should you look for when selling a textbook?

There are so many criteria you should look at when selling your old textbook, including:

  1. Appearance of the textbook

Your textbook should look neat. There should be no missing pages or spots and marks. All this will affect the price. If your book is in poor condition, then you should indicate it in the description.

  1. Demand for the textbook

Your textbook should be relevant for students. The more demanded your book is, the faster you will sell it, and accordingly, you can charge a higher price. If your textbook is not popular, then you can only sell it at a low price.

  1. Price of the textbook

This point is related to the previous one since if the price is too low, you will sell the book quickly, but your profit will be small. On the other hand, if you set the price too high, your book won’t sell.

  1. Write the correct description of the textbook

The most important thing is not to lie. Your customer will buy your book according to your description. If this is not true, then the buyer can demand his money back, and the online store has the right to block you. Therefore, take the selling process seriously and pay attention to every critical detail of your textbook.


So, if your textbook is in too poor condition, or there is no demand for it, do not throw the book into the trash bin. Instead, give the book to waste paper, then you will help the ecology. You can also donate your textbooks to charities and libraries. Of course, you won’t get rich out of it, but at least you could help underprivileged students. 

American college students today need to save and find an additional source of income. Selling your old textbooks is a perfect way out of a crisis. If you have read this article, you already know how to do it efficiently and with maximum profit.

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