How to take care of your face properly and suitable for each skin type.

Every person’s skin type is different. There are dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and combination skin. The choice of facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า is also important for all skin types. (Which tends to have oily skin around the T-zone (the T-ZONE area is the forehead, nose, chin, while the cheek area tends to be dry), so individuals are not the same.

– Dry skin: should use concentrated moisturizing products. Containing oils rather than water, such as creams, balms (Blam), ointments (Ointment), and should avoid using toners. Because it may result in dry skin. can irritate

– Oily skin: Should choose an oil-free moisturizing product or choose a product with a sebum absorbing polymer, such as Talc, will give a light feeling on the face. more

– Combination skin: because there are 2 combination skin types. The face may need to be divided into areas with oily skin and parts with dry skin. with the principles of skin care according to the condition explained above

We can check that Is it the right way to clean our faces? With a simple principle is after cleansing the face. Try touching the skin on your face. If the skin is not too dry or tight. no burning sensation or the surface is not oily until annoying That method is probably suitable for our skin type. which we do not need to use expensive facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า and accessories to clean the skin a lot Because often those products are expensive. caused by advertising costs Not because of the higher quality of the product. There are also commercially available cleansing accessories. May wash away the moisture and oil that the body has created (Sebum) from the skin until the balance of the skin barrier function.

Wash your face with plain water or wipe your face with salt water. Is it really the best?

Many people keep saying that washing your face with water or saline is best. because it will not make your skin dry Let me tell you this. that it’s not always true Washing your face with plain water or saline. May be applicable to people with dry skin, no makeup and no sun protection products, which were found to be very few in this group. Because teenagers and working age groups in the present Always have makeup or apply sunscreen every day. Using only plain water or saline to wash your face. Not enough to wash off the oil and various products applied to it, which may be left on the surface. can cause clogged pores and acne. Wipe your face with saline, as the reviews say.

in the online world Compared to washing your face with plain water It does not have any additional features in terms of cleansing the face. and washing your face with lukewarm or hot water May result in dry skin which is one of the factors of having premature aging

What is the right soap?

Our normal skin condition is weakly acidic, with a pH close to 5, so the right soap should have a similar pH as well, so that the skin doesn’t lose its balance. from the leaching of moisture and the body’s naturally produced oils, which are good fats. Skin is like a brick wall. Naturally hydrating products are like mortar, connecting bricks (the epidermis cells) together. As a result, the skin wall is strong and healthy.

in some facial cleansing products will have to put perfume or smell into it Can irritate and may have added surfactants (Surfactant) to cause the skin from washing off the natural protective lipids from too much. Currently, there are many types of soaps available, including bar soaps, liquid soaps, and foams, which we may choose to purchase according to our preferences. By not forgetting that “Good quality It doesn’t always have to be expensive.”

Is a toner necessary?

In the case of very oily skin, a toner may be used to wipe away any residual oil, but toner doesn’t help in tightening the pores as advertised, so the doctor can tell you that. Toner is not a necessity.

Scrub beads and accessories for facial cleansing Is it necessary?

In a nutshell…. washing your face with our hands is the best thing. The surface will have residual dirt. Thus, scrubbing the face with various forms. which is not necessary at all Facial scrubbing with cream scrubs, facial brushes, or other electric devices. Can cause skin irritation. This is a result of the mortar that connects the bricks in the corroded layer of the wall. As a result, the skin becomes dry, red and easily irritated. Excessive scrubbing can also stimulate acne breakouts.

Make up remover and Cleanser necessary or not?

Make-up remover products It’s a must for those who wear makeup. or apply sun protection products It uses a simple principle about solvents. Any substance that is water is dissolved in water. As for any substance that is oil, it must be used as a solvent. Cosmetics as well as sun protection products usually contains oil which has waterproof properties In order to adhere to the surface, therefore, to clean these substances from the surface completely, it is necessary to use makeup remover products. Wipe clean your face before washing your face with the usual way. which are available in various forms such as creams, lotions, oils

After applying these products on your face May use a cotton pad to wipe it off. to increase the convenience of washing your face further If the makeup is very thick Should choose a makeup remover product. with high oil to wipe off waterproof makeup and reduce abrasion and friction At present, there are products to wipe makeup with water (Micellar cleansing water) that has undergone molecular structure adjustments. To be in the form of clear water, but it can be wiped off waterproof makeup. without leaving oily residue on the skin because of the sebum that is left on the skin It is a factor that can stimulate acne from clogging.

Therefore, the necessary properties of the makeup remover products It has only the ability to dissolve oil from the surface of the skin itself. Therefore, there is no need to buy expensive products to use. and if there is an ad that Can nourish the skin to be beautiful, handsome, white. Reduce wrinkles with that is not true because these products only touch the skin for a moment. Used for wiping only. It’s not yet time to act in other ways. As advertised, of course.

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