How to Troubleshoot the Common Thermostat Problems?

Room thermostats are useful because they regulate the temperature of air conditioning systems. But the digital thermostat for heating or cooling is the truly indispensable device for both homes and industries.

Before explaining how to fix a heating thermostat, it is important to identify what type of appliance we are using. In the market, there are different equipment such as analog thermostats, digital thermostats, programmable thermostats, wireless thermostats, smart thermostats with wifi, etc. Troubleshooting a thermostat does not mean the same in every case. The degree of complexity of the repair will depend on the characteristics of the equipment.

Why is my furnace not keeping up with my thermostat? Well, first of all, do not panic: your thermostat may have a fault that can be easily fixed. From Bradford Air and Heating we bring you these tips:

Troubleshoot the Common Thermostat Problems

You can use electrician gloves for added safety.

First, lift the plastic cover that protects the screen. Press the little button that says “Reset”, with a small screwdriver for example. This will reset the system. You can fix display errors: a blurry, blank, discolored or downright unreadable screen.

If it does not solve the problem you can look for the electrical panel (or switch box for the main heating system). You should check all the electrical switches. That includes fuses and also the air handling safety switch.

It is important to ensure that all power switches are turned on, depending on the position in which they are set.

What to do if these steps have not fixed my thermostat?

If it is clear that it is not an electrical power problem, disconnect the thermostat completely. Pull it (slowly!) From the side of applying pressure with your thumb (it’s located on the bottom of the thermostat ).

Pick up the front half and find the brass pins. Each pin will have two contacts on top that say “V”. If the contacts are dirty or dusty, this could cause malfunctions or erratic readings on the display.

You have to clean and tighten the contacts. Use a small, soft, dry brush to remove any accumulated dirt or dust. Then tighten each side of the contact well with the screwdriver, you should bend the top of each contact “V” towards the other. This is a good time to make sure your cables are clean and in good condition.

If none of this has worked … Then we must look for environmental factors or external sources that can affect the thermostat reading. For example, if the thermostat is near drafts, in a hallway, near an oven, fireplace, window or door, it will never give an accurate reading and that will affect its correct operation. If this is the case, you have two options: one, move the thermostat to another location. Two, remove the base from the wall and seal the wiring hole properly with a small amount of insulation or caulking.

However, fixing a heating thermostat is not always as simple as it seems. There are other less frequent problems such as temperature accuracy failures and automatic deconfiguration of the thermal range. In addition to feeling the changes, you will see the inaccuracy reflected in your electricity bill. Remember that the thermostat can help you reduce electricity costs by thirty percent.

While these breakdowns may involve some extra expense or inconvenience, they are relatively small consequences compared to the possible aftermath of a power failure. Regular maintenance of the thermostat is the best way to avoid problems and accidents.

Do you still have doubts? Problem not listed in our guide? Can’t solve the fault yourself? In any case, we recommend reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions, consulting the user manual and contacting a professional technician if necessary.

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