How To Wash Hair Extensions to Keep Them Beautiful


I’ve been wearing hair extensions for years, and I love them! They’re a great way to add body to your hair. They look amazing when you’re going out. There’s just one downside: It is hard to keep them clean. Hair extensions like glueless lace front wigs are more challenging to maintain. Here are some tips for washing your hair extensions.

Invest In A Good Wig Shampoo And Conditioner.

To keep your hair extensions looking great, invest in a good wig shampoo and conditioner. This is because – 

  • Synthetic hair products can accumulate chemicals over time, resulting in dullness and damage.
  • If you use a cheap brand to wash your extensions, that may not end up good. 
  • Treating them with heat styling tools too often may be bad too. Because then those wigs lose their shine and become dry.
  • Specific wigs like glueless lace wigs might get damaged from incompatible care products.

Treat Them Like Natural Human Hair.

The best way to wash lace wigs is to treat them like natural human hair. Here are some tips on it – 

  • You should shampoo at least once a week with a gentle product, like Aloe Vera or GVP Conditioner. 
  • Do not use hot water when washing your lace wig; warm water is best.
  • Brush out your hair gently before shampooing it. 
  • Make sure you don’t brush or comb while wet. 
  • Any form of angling and matting that can only be undone by cutting off the extensions.
  • Avoid blow drying the extensions. Air drying is better for their longevity than using heat!
  • Know how often to wash it. Over-washing will dry out the hair and cause breakage. 
  • Make sure your extensions get enough time between shampoos to stay hydrated.

Before washing your hair extensions, brush them gently.

Before washing your hair extensions, brush them gently. This will remove any tangles that may have formed in the process of wearing or styling them. Here’s how you do it – 

  • Be sure to use a soft-bristled hairbrush.
  • Do not brush too hard. You may damage the hair that way. 
  • Avoid pulling on any knots. Just like the real hair, this can cause breakage and/or matting of your extension tracks.
  • Get your hair extensions trimmed if you have a lot of them. 
  • Don’t let them become too long. That can cause matting and breakage in your own hair.

Use Warm Water To Wash It.

Use warm water and apply the shampoo to the hair. To do this, place a shower cap or plastic bag over your head and squirt the shampoo into it. This will save your extensions from getting tangled or matted due to too much water. 

After you’ve applied shampoo, gently massage it into your hair extensions. Make sure you cover every inch of them. Rinse thoroughly!

Put on a shower cap when rinsing out all of the shampoo. That way no excess water gets stuck inside of any curls or loops.

Rinse The Hair Thoroughly With Clean Water.

Hair extensions aren’t the same as your natural hair. They’re made from synthetic materials. You can wash them just like real hair. But they still need special care.

After shampooing your extensions, rinse them thoroughly with clean water. This will remove all traces of shampoo and conditioner. 

Then apply a good conditioner.  We recommend doing regularly to keep them beautiful.

Apply A Small Amount Of Conditioner.

After rinsing off all the soap from your hair extensions, apply a small amount of conditioner. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. This will help restore moisture to the hair and keep it soft and smooth.

Look for a synthetic wig or extension treatment that has more than two ingredients. Oil-based products are best for dry hair, You can add honey or egg yolks to make it less greasy.

Blot It Dry With A Towel And Let It Air Dry.

After you’ve washed your lace wig, blot it dry with a towel and let it air dry. Do not use a blow dryer or hair dryer on the lace. This can damage the hair extensions. This can make them to become frizzy. You also shouldn’t use a flat iron on lace wigs.


Good habits will keep your glueless lace wigs beautiful longer. Take care of your hair extensions. They’ll last much longer. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping them looking good and feeling great!

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