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How Will Digital Screens Affect the Health-Care Industry in 2021

How do you visualise a future of best healthcare practice? Does it have what it takes to offer patients, medical staff and doctors truly awesome experience and maximum convenience via digital tech? Or is it something traditional, old-school with long queues at the reception, boring waiting areas and so on?

Thanks to digital transformation, the healthcare industry remained on top when it comes to adopting the technology for better service and overall experience. Just as incorporating digital signages for medical offices in which communication with patients will be greatly improved.

In fact, some of the leading digital signage companies in Dubai are dedicated specifically to empower healthcare facilities especially during these troubled times of the global pandemic outbreak. Let’s have a look!

About Digital Signage

Multiple sets or series of media display screens aligned to cater the staff, engage patients, enhance wellness and care initiative and support a safer, more productive environment; all of this is possible with digital signage screens in the healthcare industry. It may include:

  • Touchscreen/Interactive booths
  • Digital information display boards
  • Private television broadcast
  • Customised video presentation
  • Interactive Wayfinding/Digital direction tools

From entrance to hallway and everywhere else in the building, LED signage display in Dubai units can be installed almost everywhere strategically to make the most of the technology.

Benefits to Patients

  • Speedy Patient Intake & Less Waiting Time

To wait in line for the appointment, be it physical or over the phone line can be frustrating, especially for patients. Interactive kiosks at the facility as well as remote accessibility to patients and staff can significantly accelerate the entire appointment booking and intaking procedure without keeping anyone waiting. Instead of ledger management and all the complicated paperwork, all the records can be updated on the digital platform via software that powers up the signage screens thus streamlining everything from the beginning to the end.

  • Adds Convenience & Eases Anxiety

When at the facility, waiting for your consultation can be stressful whereas depressive for some. Having a digital signage screen to engage patients with entertaining content surely helps in reducing anxiety and nervousness thus making patients and attendants feeling more relaxed.

  • Wayfinding

Whether it’s your first visit to a particular hospital or simply rushing in an emergency, it’s easy to get lost on your way or face confusion in finding a particular room or unit. Even here, digital signage screens can navigate you throughout the facility with digital maps, directions/pointers, room/hospital unit identification and even emergency contacts to allow everyone to move in the right direction, thus saving time and effort.

Benefits to the Staff

  • Less Strain on Admin & Human Resource Department

It’s obvious that digital tools relieve the burden off admin staff to a certain extent. Rather than expanding your human resource staff unnecessarily, interactive kiosks can be used to answer common queries and provide guidance to staff, patients and visitors without making them wait in line to have their questions answered by someone from the HR department.

  • Aids in Staff Training

Medical industry is always evolving which prompts the staff and medical practitioners to stay updated with the latest trends, best practices, technology and much more to take their careers to the next level. Digital signage can be used to play recorded sessions and training events while establishing remote connections and participants to attend seminars in a hassle-free manner. That said, just in-case someone didn’t participate in the training session for whatever reason, the digital screens can be used to follow-up on all the updates and latest happening in the industry.

  • Information Organisation, Decreases Hallway Congestions

Improved internal communication and information sharing can be streamlined using digital signage tech. With it, the wayfinding technology can significantly reduce hallway congestion thus allowing easy movement and transit across the facility.

Benefits to Healthcare Practices

  • Marketing Products & Services

Digital signage solutions in Dubai include entertainment and infotainment content that can be modified as per need. In the healthcare industry, it helps in promoting hospital or facility-specific products and services offered to the patients, visitors and staff. Because updating the content is easier and can be done remotely, it also allows quick and easy screen management to create awareness, share promotion and upgrade.

  • Branding and Data Collection

When being used as a marketing tool, the signage screens are automatically raising the bar for a particular brand whereas interactive features further captures crucial data thus offering customised services and content thus automatically improving the facility and its services.

  • Decreases Marketing Cost & Material Consumption

Irrespective of the industry and its nature of operations, half of the budget usually goes into marketing and promotional campaigns which also includes relevant material and items. Rather than investing significantly in traditional print-based marketing, you can design compelling graphics and breathe life into them via catchy content that’s sure to bring in more customers and ROI. Digital signage content can be updated easily using content management tools.

Private & Group Healthcare Initiatives

Physicians and specialists can put digital signage units to engage and entertain patients in the waiting area, connect and communicate with assisting staff while updating all the information. On the contrary, group training sessions, patient consultation and medical review, all can be done using simple touch and display signage screens.

For sure, the medical industry can benefit a lot from the signage screens depending on how well and strategically they’re being used. The above are a few of the many pro points.

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