How You Can Protect your Device While Surfing Online

Day by day online privacy is getting a big concern to think about. In this 21 century, most of us have a busy life schedule. Either you are a businessman or any daily internet user, getting data theft can be so dangerous for you. At the current time, users prefer to save details and data on our various operating devices as compared to writing it down. So it makes it more important to protect your device while surfing online websites. 

When you surf the internet to get a specific file or data. You can get reached by hackers, spies, and the government easily. But when using a good method to protect you while surfing online it shields your digital identity and data from third parties.

Best 5 ways to protect your device from online thefts.

Have you ever thought about the WI-FI network of the hotel you stayed at and the café where you caffeinated. Most of us never thought about privacy before connecting to a Wi-Fi service of any place. This is especially for those who use digital payment portals like online baking, PayPal, and many more. Connecting to a free or unencrypted Wi-Fi service can let your data, passwords, and banking details to third parties. To protect from these problems we have presented you with some best ways that can help you for sure.

Use a virtual private network service

A VPN provides you an encrypted connection to the internet that hides your unique identification code called an IP address. You can also use a virtual private network to access the geo-restricted content of any country. It shields your data and personal details from getting theft by third parties like hackers and spies. Most of the companies provide the no-log policy to their users from which NordVPN is the best. NordVPN is a well-known name in the VPN industry due to its amazing features and industry. It offers various deals, discounts and allows its users to use NordVPN Coupon Code to get additional cut-price.

A browser that leaves no or little traces

The protection problem can be solved with the Brave browser. This browser allows you to get content by blocking cookies, tracking software, and irrelevant advertisements. This web browser is free of cost that you can get by just registering your Gmail account with it. Brave is blazingly faster than other web browsers which take time to load cookies and trackers first. 

This ultimate browser is now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It can also access through Amazon kindle devices so they can also get the benefits of its services. After installing the Brave Browser, just click on the lion icon to access the control panel. 

Use a web browser that maximizes privacy

The Onion Router is a tricky system of relays and schemes that encrypts your data and makes it inaccessible what we do online. This web browser is also known as the “TOR” browser that anonymizes web traffic using the TOR VPN. The highly-rated and popular Red Onion Browser and OrBot Browser are also developed by the Tor network. Both browsers are managed by the TOR network and highly rated by their users.  

According to the officials, the Red Onion browser is available only for iOS devices. However, the OrBot browser can be used on android operating devices too. 

Track those who are tracking you

While above-mentioned information helps you to minimize and eliminate the various third parties that track your movement online. Now let’s talk about the information of those who tracking to track you. For this kind of work, there is no better application than the Ghostery

Everyone can install this application free of cost without having any issues. It can get the download on any operating system like android, iOS, and Amazon mobile devices. After installing this application, it will provide you a ghost symbol on the right side of your screen. You just have to click on the icon to see the list of parties who are trying to track you on the present web page.

It also allows you to deactivate any tracker with just a single click on the green switch. Sometimes it can be hard to stop all parties from tracking you to get rid of this problem you can refresh your web page. 

Additional Tricks to make your Device more secure

One of the best and worst things about our smart devices is how they connect easily to the networks around us. But whenever we connect our devices to any new network we start a leap of faith with that network. So here are some suggestions to make your device inaccessible to unknown networks. 

We understand that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities make our digital life much better and smoother. But we should consider this thing that where and when we enable these services. Most of us are used to leave Bluetooth and Wi-Fi service activated even when we are not using them. But hackers can also hack your devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They just open the free service for a little time and your phone automatically gets connected to it without having any encryption. 

You can also set a complex password on your device to make a good wall for hackers or third parties. Many of us have a pattern or face lock on our devices which can be easily get unlocked by any hacker. But cracking any password security takes more time than any other protection to get broken. 

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