I will never forget the summit of Aconcagua

I can only thank my family for having been with me in one of my best experiences in the mountains in this Aconcagua Ascents. My guide always attentive to our needs in Argentina and already in the mountains; the whole team exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier. Not only was I lucky with the fantastic weather, but the organization was extraordinary. Excellent professionals and better people. Without a doubt, to repeat another trip with them. I was in December 2017 in Aconcagua. Specifically, I did the Aconcagua 360 route. Leaving the guides to advise us, we decided to do the 2-sided variant, and it was a success. The organization of my Aconcagua guided climb was magnificent. They were all quite friendly and approachable. They made sure everything ran smoothly and took care of our every need. The professionals who accompanied us, both guides and porters, were impeccable. I thank you all very much because you made it an unforgettable experience. To anyone who has in mind to go to Argentina in the mountains, start training soon. I hope to repeat. I climbed Cerro Bonete and Aconcagua in January 2018. Everything was great! They know how to plan an expedition down to the last detail properly, and they have excellent guides. A special thanks to my expedition partner, who not only took me to the top of both mountains, but we even did it in record time, not an easy task! Just thank and congratulate you for making our trip to Aconcagua something that will last as an extraordinary experience. All the people who’s work there are exceptional professionals, beautifully leading the trip’s organization and having outstanding companions where everything is easy. We wanted to face new challenges after our experience in the Pyrenees and the Alps. Our dreams come true. Thank you, thank you, and there is no problem in collecting our true impressions. We did two amazing hikes. Both were arranged with precision and surprisingly well served. The trek to Plaza de Mulas with our guide was great; it showed us many things we could never discover for ourselves. The team and the cook prepared excellent food, which made up for the lack of good weather. In January, it rains a lot, and we call this hike Poncho Trek 🙂 The other hike we did was a success. It is very visited at this time of year, and we enjoy nature, being almost alone on this walk. My partner is a super expert guide, and we enjoyed his company every day of the trek. We will recommend these hikes to our friends! Thank you and best regards, The trekking and the climb to Aconcagua were excellent; everyone behaved professionally and treated us very well. From here, I want to thank everyone who took such good care of us. My Aconcagua guided climb was perfect

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