Important tips and advice for grade 8th students 


The final examination season will be around March or April which means there’s only a total of 4 to 5 months left for students to get ready for their exams. Pupils need to learn their syllabus and prepare their studies according to it. It’s also beneficial for students to refer to other useful resources until it’s concerning the syllabus.

Students must remember that they should not study at the last moment and begin the preparation before one month. Pupils also must know to understand the format of the question papers. Moreover, factors like paper presentation is an important component that is often ignored by students. It is the first thing that the examiner looks at when marking your paper. If students want to score high grades, they must study efficiently. 

Preparation tips for acing class 8th exams 

Follow a detailed study plan

8th grade is a transitional year for students and is a year that is a little difficult. Students need to adapt to following a detailed study plan. This will inculcate good habits such as time management, discipline and punctuality. Having a study plan ready will eliminate stress and tension as students will be prepared and regular. This will benefit students when those final exams come about. Breaking down the whole day into study session chunks and setting time aside for fun and sporting activities will ensure that work and play are in sync. When students know what is planned ahead of the day, common issues such as laziness or confusion can be prevented. Students will have a vision and a targeted agenda for the day prepared. This will help students stay ahead of the class and score a good percentage.

Maintain a good handwriting 

The student’s handwriting, their penmanship, and the quality of their answers are all things that are judged by the examiner. If you have good handwriting, or if you write neatly, then this will increase your chances of getting a high score.

Handwriting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to scoring well in board exams. The visual appeal of your answers depends on how neat they are written on paper. Students who do well in handwriting are more likely to get higher scores because examiners can read their answers easily.

Make important topics a priority 

There are several crucial formulae and topics that students need to know thoroughly. Students should make it a habit to jot down all the important concepts from all chapters and list them in their separate notes. What this does is that it ensure that students have not overlooked any topic that may come in the exam. Doing this is also great for quick revision before exams and it acts as a checklist as well.

Practice until you perfect it 

One of the most crucial things for preparation is to keep practising until pupils have gotten almost perfect to solve them. This can only be done by improvising in small areas daily. Students however overlook learning every day. It’s suggested that pupils should prefer to work step by step every single day rather than trying to become an expert in one day. 

Solve papers consistently 

Other than just practising questions, students must get good at solving complete papers too. This is significant for pupils to learn how the exam paper pattern is and what kinds of questions appear in the exam. Students should also briefly look at the solutions as well to interpret the style of answering. So pupils can find RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 online in PDF formats. 

Things to avoid during exams 

Do not leave questions blank 

Students must always attempt all questions that mean to leave no questions blank. This is a huge blunder, pupils should know that not answering a question eliminates the possibility of scoring some marks. Every question is like a chance for students to get minimum marks but when they end up skipping them completely, there’s no room for a few extra marks. 

Avoid writing in a shabby manner 

Understandably, students are concentrating on structuring an answer and it could be that while doing so pupils write it shabbily. The personality of a student reflects in their handwriting. A paper with good handwriting adds to the visual representation, making it more fluent. Handwriting is something that examiners pay attention to. It builds an impression on the examiner evaluating the paper. Students with good handwriting display confidence in the paper and having structured and decent handwriting creates a positive presentation. It also comes down to the readability of a student’s handwriting. Poor handwriting can lead to the examiner not understanding the points a student has covered.

Try not to hurry 

As there is a limited time, as the exam time comes closer to an end, students begin to finish their papers in a hurry. Instead, pupils should focus on pace as well as their answers to be coherent. It’s certainly necessary that students must finish the paper beforehand but they shouldn’t solve it in a hurry for the sake of completing it. 

Do not write straightway 

Before immediately writing an answer, it’s good to quickly form its answer in a format roughly. This will help students to structure all important points in order. Generally, pupils straightaway write whatever comes to their mind and then realise that there’s a spelling error or missed point. This reduces the likelihood of students to score more and thereby also lowers the overall total. By doing this, pupils also ruin the presentation of the paper which is an extremely important factor that is emphasised throughout this article. So it’s best to write in a simple language that is easy to understand and is chronological. 


To sum it up, the 8th grade is a significant step for students in terms of academics as it’s also known as the foundational or base class where pupils are taught the very beginning of topics that are further in great detail in higher classes. This showcases how valuable time is in standard 8th and how students must be firm with their knowledge. 

Altogether, grade 8th students must have strong fundamental concepts and also be thorough with solving questions papers. 

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