Important Websites For Students

Technological advancement has helped to improve the conditions of learning all around the world. Besides the physical form of school, now, the virtual school has also become popular. The onset of the pandemic should not stop education from flourishing among the students. The schools, colleges, and universities have taken help from the new technologies and different websites. Websites like PDFSimpli help to convert PDF to Word, and Google meet has helped in teaching the students and many more websites.

Teachers and professors could take classes virtually and make students understand difficult concepts. Examinations are held online which are proctored and monitored thoroughly for anti-cheating.

All the new devices and the improved websites have helped the students all over the world to gain new skill sets despite the ongoing deadly diseases.

Important websites for students

The websites are made or improved thinking about the needs of people, especially the students. Seeing the pandemic, it has become necessary for all to survive in this situation again, education is also important, and since everything has transferred from physical to virtual forms, different virtual websites have also become useful for students. Here are some of the important websites that all students should know about:

●    Google Meet

It is one of the important websites that every student as well as all the teachers should know about. It is one of the biggest virtual platforms where virtual meetings of more than 60 people can be held. It is a good virtual platform for teachers, you will get a whiteboard where you can do all the board work to show the students.

Google Meet has evolved and it is one of the biggest used websites for holding meetings or teaching students.

●    PDFSimpli

It is a simple website where you can easily change the configuration of documents. You can change it from PDF to Word online, Excel to PDF, or vice versa. On this website, you can easily edit all the PDF documents and add your inputs. It is the best site for teachers to edit their student’s homework. The students can also use this website to edit or convert documents easily.

●    Coursera

It is an online learning website, where you can learn new skills and use them in your field. This website has numerous universities that will teach you different types of skills which are required for your job or in the future. The website also provides valid certificates which will be recognized by different institutions and also by different companies all around the world.

●    Google Tasks

It is also a very efficient website where you can easily maintain your to-do lists. It is always important to maintain a list of things that you need to finish that day. This will help you to manage your time and complete all your work on time. The website will give you reminders to finish the job faster. It is good for students to maintain their study time and get all their homework done.


All the different websites are used to make human lives easier and more efficient. All these websites are helping them to finish their work faster and have free time. All these websites are very easy to use and they are simple. So, you can use them any time.

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