Increase Your Productivity with Digital Signatures

An online signature, also known as electronic signature, refers to information in digital form, which is typically digitally signed by the sender and stored on servers controlled by the provider of the signature. The term online signature was first used in 2021 when Internet users were invited to send electronic greeting cards via email. Since then, electronic signature has been increasingly used as a way of signing documents online.

Digital signatures provide an opportunity for a user to sign a document without actually making it. For example, when you make a payment online, you are actually making a ‘payment’ for your requested services. Your credit card details are stored on a database that is secured and only you can make changes to the database. However, when you sign a document such as a legal document or any other type of legal agreement, you are actually creating a ‘signature’ stored on a server and can be read by the service provider who holds the document. Once the signature is stored, anyone can obtain access to the database, making it possible to verify the details of the person responsible for the legal document

A Clause

A legally binding document must have an online signature. By signing the document the user is saying they agree with the terms of agreement printed at the bottom. This is called a ‘clause’. Each clause can have its own meaning and it is only the legally binding part that needs to be contained in the document. If any other part of the document is missing, it is called ‘missing link’ and can change the meaning of the agreement.

Different Types Of Digital Signatures Available

There are different types of digital signatures available. The most commonly used ones are email signatures, physical signatures and signature on checks. It is also possible for people to use their names as electronic signatures, making their signatures a part of the documents that they create. Online signing of documents is also referred to as digital validation.

Most people use online signatures when they sign documents, especially when sending legal notices or bills. Some companies require employees to use e-signatures on company checks and monthly statements to prove their responsibility. Online signatures on company checks help keep the company from being sued due to negligence or fraud.

Eliminate This Risk And Increase The Credibility Of Your Company.

Companies can also use online signatures on official business documents like contracts, tax forms, and internal company documents. E-signatures make these official documents more trustworthy. They prevent losses due to forged signatures, which are usually a usual problem when you give someone your card or bank account number to pay for goods or services. Without an electronic signature there is a very high risk of someone using your number to pay for something they didn’t order or don’t realize they already ordered. With an online signature you eliminate this risk and increase the credibility of your company. 

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Increases Your Company’s Productivity

Online Signatures also increases your company’s productivity. With the signing, you are able to process and complete a large amount of work in a shorter period of time. This will make it easier for you to meet your deadlines and reduce your staff’s workload, therefore freeing up your staff to perform their duties better. When you sign hundreds of documents every month, this will definitely lead to increased production levels and more profits for your business.

With digital signature technology you no longer have to worry about preserving important documents safely. With online signature you can transmit the signature electronically, therefore no one needs to be present when the document is being signed. This reduces the risk of identity theft significantly and makes the whole process extremely secure. Digital signatures are an easy, affordable, and reliable way to ensure that your business is protected from identity theft and other fraud.

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