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Indonesian Modern Contemporary Furniture

Whether you are looking for Rattan, Teak, or synthetic rattan furniture, you are sure to find something you love. Here are some tips to help you get started in the selection process. Read on to discover what makes an Indonesian piece of furniture unique. Teak outdoor furniture are used oldest trees. Read on for tips on how to choose the best Indonesian modern contemporary furniture for your home. We’ll also discuss the differences between Teak and Synthetic rattan furniture.


Rattan in Indonesian modern contemporary furniture is made from the same material used for traditional pieces. This natural fiber is harvested from certain types of palm trees. Indonesia, which is known for its tropical climate, has a plentiful supply of the material. This material is one of the most environmentally friendly furniture materials. The Indonesian rattan tree is also easier to replant. Therefore, Indonesian modern contemporary furniture is popular in both the West and East.

Several designers from Scandinavian countries have influenced Indonesian rattan furniture. Imam Bukhara, an Indonesian furniture designer, has studied Scandinavian and Danish furniture styles. The Scandinavian furniture style emphasizes simplicity and good function. The design of rattan furniture in Indonesia reflects this trend. It is not uncommon to find this style of furniture in major cities throughout the Indonesian archipelago.


Teak is used for making furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Only the oldest trees are used for Teak indoor furniture, and these are often quite rare, taking as long as 80 years to mature. Reclaimed wood is often repurposed into furniture, and the craftsmen here have developed a reputation for creating beautiful, durable pieces.

Teak wood furniture has a rich history and has long been prized. It comes from the Tectonic grandee’s tree, native to tropical regions. The rich and powerful began outfitting their homes with teak wood furniture as early as the 7th century. The wood spread throughout the ancient world and, with the help of Dutch colonizers, eventually reached Indonesia. Since Indonesian gained independence in the mid-20th century, exports of teakwood are limited.

Synthetic rattan

The artistic value of rattan furniture made in Indonesia is very high. The design is chosen by the craftsman or artisan himself, and the use of rattan is incorporated in traditional artwork from Indonesia. In addition to the aesthetic value of rattan furniture, a traditional design is also made by integrating local life value into the product. These factors result in the timeless beauty of Indonesian rattan furniture.

Compared to traditional rattan, synthetic rattan is made from artificial materials. These materials do not cause any negative effects on the environment, and are produced in Indonesia and other countries. They are the best selling products in the market today. Most of the furniture made of synthetic rattan is produced in Asia, where traditional weaving skills are still alive. The latest designs based on rattan are echoed by the main sitting room furniture, like sofa units. Round chairs with cushions are another popular choice.

Rattan-made furniture

In Indonesia, most rattan-made furniture is produced by traditional methods. The result is durable furniture that can last for decades. The durability of rattan-made furniture depends on the quality of the rattan material. Because of Indonesia’s tropical climate, rattan trees are abundant in the country. In addition, they are easy to replant. This makes rattan-made furniture one of the greenest types of furniture.

There are many benefits of buying rattan-made furniture from Indonesia. Unlike other furniture styles, rattan-made furniture is more expensive than other types of furniture. This is because the country is a large exporter of rattan. However, it is still the best option on the market. It’s important to understand that the manufacturing process of rattan furniture in Indonesia is accompanied by many challenges.

Classic Indonesian furniture

Teak root furniture enchants a wide range of furniture lovers, especially those in the expatriate circles. Its high-quality material is a symbol of Indonesian authenticity. This type of furniture is most often purchased in Japura and Java, but also comes from other parts of Indonesia. These pieces are relatively heavy but durable, owing to the high oil content in the wood. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to water, insects, and humidity. The good news is that you can easily place them indoors.


Aside from the traditional style, you can also find contemporary furniture that is highly regarded by many people. While classic furniture is generally made of wood, it can also feature earth elements like rattan or teak wood. Typically, this type of furniture has a sleek, contemporary look. It is also known as modern contemporary furniture. Modern contemporary furniture in Indonesia is generally made from state-of-the-art materials such as metal and glass.

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