Is Being a Vlogger a Proper Job?

Although Vlogging has been around for a while, it only started to gain mainstream attention in 2005. Since then, many talented individuals have joined the field of vlogging and earned fame, popularity, and lots of money.

However, there are also many people who believe that vlogging on the internet is not a real job. But is there any reality in that statement? There will always be concerns about children not taking education seriously, with sites like International Home Study Zone  In short, that’s incorrect & you can actually make a career out of vlogging. Now, let’s look at the detailed answer…

Is Being a Vlogger a Proper Job?

When we look at different career paths worldwide, one of the newest jobs which have gained widespread popularity among the masses is vlogging. But since it is still an emerging career that has become popular, it also makes many people question whether it is a viable career path or not.

On the surface, vlogging seems easy and fun – You just have to video your daily life to get famous and make money. And you can do vlogging in any niche of your choice, such as fashion, art, travel, gaming, cooking, and so on. In reality, getting started with vlogging is very easy but earning money from this is a totally different thing.

You only start to make money from vlogging once you establish a user base that watches your vlogs on a daily basis. On YouTube or any other platform, traffic is everything, and to make money from vlogging; you need people to watch your videos. So we can only classify vlogging as a proper job if you are making a sustainable income from it!

And to establish yourself as a successful vlogger, you will need to put in the hard work & be consistent by uploading videos regularly. At the start, it will most definitely take you some time just to get noticed, let alone get famous – But once you do get famous as a vlogger, your earning potential will be massive!

So if you are just getting started in vlogging, then you will need to do something else to support yourself. At this stage, we can’t call it a proper job… But once you start to make enough money from your vlogs so that you can support yourself, then that’s the stage when it becomes a proper job!

How Much Money Can You Make As A Vlogger?

How much money you can make as a vlogger depends on your number of subscribers and views. Basically, there are multiple ways to earn money as a vlogger, such as:

  • Video Ads (The ads you see on YouTube)
  • Sponsorships
  • Events
  • Paid Membership
  • Selling Merchandise

And so on…

If we just talk about the money you can earn from YouTube, you earn around £1.10 per 1000 subscribers. So if you manage to get 100,000 subscribers on your channel & upload 100 videos in a year, you can earn £11,000 (average) per year. Of course, a vlogger can earn money through other means, as mentioned above!

Required Skills to Become a Vlogger

Now, let’s talk about which skills are required to become a vlogger… Since we are talking about making videos, you need to be good at storytelling, narrating, video editing, and of course, be able to make videos!

If your primary language in vlogs is going to be English, then you will need to have a good command of English as a language. Those who take the subjects such as IGCSE English, A-Level English, and so on can easily develop a strong grip on the English language. Communicating skills can be so important, to begin with you may decide to learn IGCSE English. One of the major benefits of choosing English as your primary language in vlogs is that you can attract a global audience!

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