Is chat enabled at online bingo rooms?

The biggest reason that bingo has remained so popular since its inception is the social aspect of the game. Players would descend on bingo halls in their hundreds and enjoy a night out playing bingo.

Now that the most popular version of bingo is now played online at, does this mean that the social side of the game has vanished?

Not necessarily. Now we have chat rooms.

What is a bingo chat room?

A bingo chat room is software implemented into the game that allows different players to communicate with one another. It is so simple to use. More often than not, a bingo game will have a small side bar. Clicking on this bar will open up a chat box where players can type and talk with one another.

You could be on the same team, playing against each other or just want to have a chat. This chat room feature has successfully brought the social side of bingo back into the online format.

But won’t this become annoying for serious players?

Activating the chat

The problem with a lot of online chat rooms is that sometimes they get off topic or someone gets a bit too active. That isn’t a problem when playing online bingo.

Each player can choose whether or not they have the chat room function active. The chat will still happen, the player with it deactivated just won’t receive notifications. This means that players can focus on the game and still dip in and out of the conversation if they so wish.

Is a chat room necessary for bingo?

As I mentioned before, real life bingo was one of the most social activities. That is why the chat rooms exist. It isn’t just used to chat though.

Players can use it to play other games, share jokes or strategise amongst each other. Just like they would if they were at a real bingo hall. This makes the chat function just as much a part of the game as the number calling.

But is chatting to strangers safe?

Chat host

In any chat room, you are likely to find someone that does not want to get on with others. Or, you may find someone a bit rude or that they share too much.

Don’t worry, this is all normal and in a standard game of online bingo there will be a chat host. This host’s job is to monitor the conversation and get rid of or warn anyone who ruins the experience for others.

This makes online bingo chat rooms one of the safest places to be online.


If you are missing the social side of a good old fashioned bingo, these chat room games have you covered. You can still talk among other players and enjoy all of the jokes and puns you’d expect from a real game.

Bingo chat is one of the best features of online bingo.

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