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Statistics is a science concerned with methods of obtaining and presenting information, and above all with the analysis of data describing mass phenomena.

Statistics does not study individual cases; it is a science which is interested in methods of obtaining and presenting, and most importantly, analysing data describing mass phenomena.

Statistics does not obtain information about single cases, single data, but about as much information as possible, grouped and presented in such a way that conclusions can be drawn that may be meaningful for the phenomenon under study.

In statistics, it is not possible to get a good result based on one or even a few pieces of information. From a statistical point of view, it does not guarantee the occurrence of a certain regularity, which would mean that possibility of making an erroneous choice.

This numerical knowledge can be viewed from two perspectives: descriptive and statistical inference.

Descriptive statistics

Deals with the compilation of data about a community or sample without the use of computation probabilistic calculus. In doing so, it allows data to be presented in a structured, clear and simple way.

Statistical inference

In terms of statistical inference, statistics allows you to establish patterns and draw statistical inference, allows you to identify patterns and make decisions based on a reduced amount of data (samples), using the probability calculus. This allows us to determine what error we make when we generalise results from a sample to the whole community.

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Types of statistics papers

Students who are studying for a degree in economics must not only be proficient in theory, but also be able to confidently apply knowledge in practice. This is facilitated by the two types of work in the curriculum.

The class summaries should be written directly at the school during the examination sessions. Homework, as the name implies, should be done independently by the student at home between sessions.

Writing statistical papers

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Price of control papers on statistics discipline

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