Is Piano Hard to Learn – Full Explanation

Whenever I watch and listen to professionals play on the piano, I can’t help but feel envious. How did they get to play so well? Is it possible to play like them? After deciding that piano is the instrument you wish to learn, then you’ll be troubled with the question of how hard it is to learn piano. 

Many people have asked themselves this question at the start of their piano journey but sadly there’s no straightforward answer to this question. There are several factors that can make learning piano very difficult for you, just like latin percussion lessons. That’s why in today’s article we will take a look at these factors that can negatively affect your piano learning process so you can try to avoid them. If you are planning to learn piano skills go out for Pianos For Sale to get a best deal.

1. Learning without the aid of a teacher

Learning how to play piano without the aid of a teacher will make learning piano very difficult. Although you may be able to get the basics online, but your progress will be slow and you might even consider giving up.

While learning on your own you may acquire some bad habits not suitable for learning piano, and when you eventually get a piano teacher, you’ll now have to unlearn those bad habits before practicing new ones.

A piano teacher will help you establish good habits, teach you the correct muscle memory of posture, finger movement, and hand positioning. 

Piano music is a combination of good rhythm, tempo, and proper volume, hence, it can be difficult to learn the proper and perfect combination of these elements. Learning the proper finger movement, hand positioning needed to create good tempo and rhyme can only be possible through the guidance of a good piano teacher.

A good piano teacher will be able to point out your mistakes and errors while playing the piano. They can easily recognize the specific areas you’re struggling with and help you move past them. Without the extra push from a piano teacher, you may struggle for a long period learning piano.

Having a piano teacher will help you grow faster because a good teacher will set targets and expectations and as a student, you are duty-bound to meet them. Whereas learning on your own, you may be reluctant to set targets or have expectations, and even if you do, you may lack the proper motivation and guidance to meet them.

2. Having a poor music background

Learning piano when you have no prior experience in musical instruments will take a longer time to master than an individual with a good music background. To give your kids a good musical background, sign them up for a good piano class for kids so they can have a good piano foundation. Having a proper foundation in music means learning how to read music. You can’t properly learn how to play piano without learning how to read music. This is the fundamental of music, you’ll need to master it before learning how to play. Do not fret, be patient, it’ll only take you a longer time, but you’ll surely get there as long as you’re willing to learn.

3. Lack of regular practice

It may be difficult to learn piano but if you’re willing to practice frequently then you will eventually improve. After getting proper guidance from your teacher, if you don’t practice regularly on your own, your improvement will be stunted. Even with the best piano teacher, if you don’t practice what you’ve learned you will hardly progress.

4. Practicing with a cheap keyboard

Regular practice is key to learning piano however, learning without a cheap piano may hinder your progress. Practicing without a proper 88-key piano, or an 88 key weighted keyboard will limit your progress and make it harder for you to learn the instrument. Get a good piano in other to get a great second hand piani now an authentic playing experience.

5. Having very low or very high expectations 

When you start your piano journey it is good to keep your expectations realistic. Most beginners think they can become professional pianists tomorrow. Be patient, start with the fundamentals and build a good foundation. If you try to skip and jump the learning process you’ll end up frustrated and may even quit.

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