Is Slots Gaming Popularity Rising?

Did you know that the first slot machine was invented in the USA in the late 1800s?  However, slot machines didn’t reach the shores of Europe until the end of the Second World War. Since then slots gaming has continued to evolve and today playing online slots is the most popular form of gaming in the UK – learn more at Star Slots.

How does slots gaming work?

A slot machine is a game of chance that have three or more reels which each have a number of symbols. Certain combinations of these symbols will pay out to the player, these are known as pay lines. Whether these pay lines occur is determined by random number generators which are associated with different combinations of symbols. Physical slots have up to 20 symbols per reel but Buy 4D online because there can be up to 256 symbols.

Why are slots so popular?

Operators love offering slots gaming because it guarantees them revenue. Slots gaming is the most popular form of gambling for players yet offers the biggest house advantage on average 8% compared to 5.3% for roulette and 0.5% for blackjack. So why do players love slots if they offer less favourable odds than table games? Well, slots gaming is becoming increasingly popular amongst UK players for a number of reasons:

1.  Playing the slots is becoming increasingly convenient

The advent of online gaming boosted the popularity of slots massively. It has never been more convenient to play slots. Player can have an authentic gaming experience form the comfort of their own homes.

2.  The choice of different slots titles to choose from keeps expanding

As the popularity of slots began to grow so did the slots number of slots titles appearing on the market. There are so many different slots to choose offering a variety of different themes, slots have never been more entertaining.

3.  No matter your budget, there is the chance to win big on the slots

A feature of modern slots is the chance to win life – changing progressive jackpots. There’s the chance to win big no matter your budget. One lucky UK player scooped a £13.2 million jackpot with a 25p bet!

4.  Slots are simple games to play

Slots attract a large audience of players because unlike table games, there are no complicated strategies to learn to be successful on the slots. They’re super simple to play.

Will slots gaming popularity continue to rise?

Figures from 2020 suggest that the increasing popularity of slots gaming is showing no signs of slowing down.  However, there are some new rules which will affect online slots gaming in 2021 including:

  •         A ban on gambling using a credit card
  •         Increased verification and affordability checks
  •         No more auto play options or reverse withdrawals
  •         Slots games must slow down

This is likely to make slots gaming less popular with operators but could make for a more responsible gaming experience for players which could make slots more popular. The effects of these regulations on the popularity of slots gaming will certainly be something that will be monitored. For now, slots gaming remains the most popular form of gaming there is.

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