Jacketed mixing tank

The tank is composed of a Mixing tank body, cover, stirrer, support, transmission device, shaft seal device, etc. According to the process requirements, it can also be equipped with a heating or cooling device. The materials used for the tank body, surface, troublemaker, and shaft monogram can be constructed of carbon steel according to diverse process provisions. It can also be warmed or chilled according to the user’s requirements by adding coils and other forms.

The mixing tank can also be called an aqueous phase tank; medium heat jacketed. Mixing tank is broadly used in pharmaceutical, building materials, coating, resin, food, scientific investigation, chemical, pigment, and other endeavors. The medium-heat mechanical jacketed mixing tank can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials according to the approach provisions of the user’s products and the setting of heating and chilling gadgets to meet different processes and production needs.

The heating and cooling devices can be set up to meet different process and production needs. The heating form is jacketed electric heating and coil heating; the equipment has a reasonable structure design, advanced technology, is durable, and has the characteristics of simple operation, easy to use, etc. It is the ideal chemical equipment with less investment, fast production, and high income.


The mixing tank consists of a Mixing tank body, cap, stirrer, support, transmission device, shaft sealing gadget, etc. According to the process requirements, it can also be equipped with a heating or cooling device. According to the different procedure necessities, the materials used for the tank body, surface, troublemaker, and shaft monogram can be stainless steel or carbon steel.

A flange or welded connection can seal the mixing tank body and tank cover. The mixing tank body and the surface can be unlocked according to the process prerequisites of feeding, discharging, observance, temperature, pressure, vapor fractionation, protection venting, and other process pipe holes. The upper portion of the tank cover is fitted with a dispatch apparatus, which contrives the stirrer in the tank by the transmission stake.

The stake sealing device can be in the form of a mechanical monogram or packing, maze monogram, and other forms (according to users’ needs to determine).

Due to the diverse prerequisites of the user’s production process, the firebrand can be configured in diverse states such as slurry type, anchor type, framing type, and coiling type. You can contact our factory for different designs and production if you have other requirements.

Heating device or cooling device commonly, the use unit depends on whether the metal is warmed, dried, or chilled. In the customized span, the temp has to be under 200℃, and the use pressure must be lower than 0.1Mpa. The heating process can be selected according to the exhibition states of the user unit.

There are 2 heating methods: hot oil and other media circulation and direct electric heating. Scalding oil and other media circulation are heat-conducting oil in another configuration of the heating tank heated to a specific temperature via the hot oil pump for transmission and circulation; direct heating is the jacket ensconced on the electric heating tube the heat-conducting oil warmed to the actual temperature.

The cooling process uses water to disperse inside and beyond the jacket so that the equipment doesn’t produce caking at a specific temperature. According to user provisions, it can also be warmed or chilled by adding coils and other states.

Equipment installation and commissioning of mixing tank

  1. Please inspect whether there is severe crack and equipment deformation during transport, whether the equipment’s rivets are loose, etc., and contact us in time!
  2. Please use the way of pre-buried ground bolts to establish the gear horizontally on a solid foundation.
  3. Under the suggestion of professionals, please install the tools, electrical control apparatuses, and supplements accurately, and inspect whether the channel is smooth, whether the established tool is accurate and whether there is damage. Before beginning the tools, please inspect whether there are someone or entities in and around the equipment that impact the normal process of the tools to evade risk.
  4. After installation, please run a test run for a few beats to ensure there is no electrical short circuit before a fast test run.
  5. If the mixing tank is fitted with an automatic monogram, before the start of the main machine, its seal lubrication tank must be filled with a proper quantity of 10# or sewing oil, and its seal cooling chamber must be filled with cooling water so that the sealing machine can be nicely lubricated and cooled. The manufacturer does not alter the mechanical seal. Behind installation, adapt the device seal to the best place after installation and use teachings before the regular process.
  6. After the normal process of the gear, please inspect the relevant temperature, running smoothness, sealing, etc., and whether the tool is standard, and confirm that it is expected before feeding.
  7. Use and maintenance of mixing tank
  8. The tool is atmospheric pressure equipment; if the heat exchanger channel is satiny, it is also considered atmospheric pressure; if the pressure is elevated, please inspect whether the import and export are barred.
  9. The reducer should be installed with 40 # – 50 # oil or 70 # – 90 # excessive pressure industrial gear oil; the first 20 days of operation, substitute the oil and sweep the oil in the tank after every 3-5 months to replace and wash the oil tank. (No gearbox except)
  10. If the condenser is equipped, you can judge whether it is time to clean the heat exchange pipe according to the heat exchange effect.
  11. Mixing tank body loading should be precisely by the adequate volume of the mixing tank body, prohibiting the use of overload not to ignite the engine or injure the reducer and additional parts.
  12. If the gear is not operated for a long duration, it should be cleaned, injected with lubricant, and cut off the power supply.

Wenzhou Ace Machinery Co., Ltd has an extensive choice of chemical mixing tanks and specializes in obtaining a custom stainless steel craft tank fast conceived and constructed using our pre-engineered structures. We can add fittings and mounts for stainless steel 304 or316L tank plates.

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