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Kajal for beautiful eyes

Kajal is a beautiful eye cosmetic product that is a heavy black colour used to outline eyes. Initially, applying kajal might be frightening, but over time you can master the art. It is just a simple eyeliner to apply and use. You can use a pencil or a kajal liner to control the drawing of lines on your eyes. 

Kajal is also one of the essential makeup products that most people have. You can use a kajal liner to create controlled and tight lining along with your eyes. You can also use a brush or wand to get a thick and smoky style. You can master the technique in no time, and once you learned it, you can try out the different styles and designs that give a vow effect on your eyes. 

You can find various kajal types and choose one that best suit you. But be sure that you follow the right steps to apply kajal to get the desired outcome. 

You can also try the faces Canada magneteyes kajal to get a stunning look to your eyes. To apply kajal correctly, try out the steps:

  1. As a first step, clean the area around your eyes. Make use of cotton for this step. Cleaning eyes is essential before applying eye makeup as it prevents the kajal from smudging. You can either wash your face before applying eye makeup or use a makeup remover to clean off old kajal around your eyes. 
  2. Using kajal liner or pencil draw a line starting from the inner to the upper eyelid’s outer corner. Do it gently and in one motion. If there is a slight trigger in your hand, the line might not come out in good shape. 
  3. Now, as a next step, pull down your lower eyelid gently to line up the lower part of your eyes. For this, use your ring finger to pull down your eyelid. Start to draw from the inner eye corner. Draw the kajal either across the waterline or the lash line of the eye. For a quick understanding, the lash line is the area where your eyelashes grow, and the water line is the rim of the eye in between the eye and the eyelashes. 
  4. For a perfect outcome, if you feel you can smudge it slightly using your finger or brush. Many kajal styles wants that you smudge the kajal after applying. For this step, you make use of the ring finger or an eye brush. All you need to do is blend the kajal upwards, going to the brow with repeated and small strokes. 

You can also apply kajal using a brush or wand. For this, follow the steps:

  1. As a first step, take the brush and tap it to remove any powder lying in it. While using the brush, make sure that you do not have any extra liquid, gel, or powder stuck on the wand or brush. If you are using powder, then tap the brush so that the powder falls. For gel or liquid liner, wipe the brush. 
  2. For the next step, hold the brush or wand horizontally or sideways while you apply kajal. The brush or wand should line up against your eyes lash line. 
  3. In this step, go on to draw a line starting from the inner corner along the upper lash line. The end it in the outer eye’s edge. You can apply more than one stroke, but ideally it goes with one move. 
  4. Now go to create a straight line along the lower part of the lash line. For this, pull down the skin beneath your eye. Press the brush or band towards your inner eye. Go on to sweep the brush along the lower part of the lash line or water line. 
  5. As the last step, if you require a more dramatic look, you can thicken the kajal. You can go on to build upon the base. Make use of short strokes back and forth on top of the original base. This step thickens the kajal. Continue with this step, as far as you are satisfied.

Once you are done applying, you can style it with any type based on the occasion and that suit you look.

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