Kind of maps and equipments in Call of Duty: Warzone

Battle video games are one of the preferable games of people around the world. People love these games because they can fulfill their wish of competing people from these games. You can find a lot of games around the web in which you can fight with your opponents. One of the battle game which is also very good to play is Call Of Duty: Warzone. This game has better features than the other games because it has some good features. Features like maps, types of equipment, graphics, and cheats and hacks differentiate a game from others. 

An attractive map and equipment can make a game far better than other games. Call of Duty contains so many different kinds of maps. But, here we are only talking about the warzone version of it. In this version, there are two types of maps, and there are also such fantastic ammunition and guns, which will make your gaming experience fantastic. Let’s discuss the maps and types of equipment of this game.

Verdansk The Verdansk map is the map of the Battle Royale mode of the game. This is a fictional city map featured in the Modern Warfare campaign and had multiplayer modes. This map is based on a real city named Donetsk city. This is very basic and is a primary map for every mode in the warzone version of Call of Duty. A night variation of this map has also been introduced in the Modern Warfare 6 version of Call of duty.

1. Rebirth Island

The Rebirth island map is a map of an island. This is the second map of the Warzone version of Call of Duty. This map is introduced with the integration of the Black ops cold war’s contents. This map is based on a real-life island named Vozrozhdeniya. The map of this island was also featured in the Call of Duty: Black ops campaign mode. This map’s design was a re-imagination of an island named Alcatraz island. Previously this map was also featured in the Black ops four blackout mode. This map is small in scale, and it only allows 40 players to play at a time.


The types of equipment of this game are very high class. High class means this game doesn’t have any small weapon. This game has a high level of guns and ammunition. The player initiates the game with an X16 pistol with no attachments. In this game, a player can pick any weapon which he/she will find from anywhere. Either the weapon is found at any standard loadout or from a dead opponent. The player can pick it up and can use it. These weapons will go to the player’s collection. 

Standard loadout like primary and secondary weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks. Players can pick these up. The players can also search for the equipment on the map, and after finding them, they can pick them. In addition to these, there are shields in the game, which will provide to the players at a certain level. Three of these shields can be applied by the player when he/she have five shields in the inventory or eight of the player has got any armored satchel. 

Besides this, The player can buy the equipment also. He/she can buy the equipment with a new feature of the game, i.e., the currency in the game called cash. The players will earn the cash by applying moves and with the increasing level. The players can also pick up the cash of their dead opponent. 

A short brief about the other versions of ‘war.’

There are some other versions in the game also. These versions are linked to this version of the game. The warzone version was a part of the Modern warfare season, but due to some reason, it was not purchased at that time. Then, in Modern Warfare 2, it is introduced as a part of it. Let’s discuss the other versions of the game.

‘Modern Warfare’ is the base version of this game. In 2020, there was an attack which was done by Khaled Al-Asad and Victor Zakhaev in Verdansk city. This attack was engulfed with toxic gas. The Armistice is a joint faction including Eastern (Allegiance) and Western (Coalition) operators quickly disabled all the functions and controlled the things. This was the war on which this version was made on.

‘Black ops Cold 4’ is a war which was happened in 1984. A person named Kuzmin rebuilt the Rebirth island’s facility of producing the lethal noval-6 gas. A cargo ship was also just disappeared in the idle of the sea at that time. After 337 years, in 2021, the ship reappeared from the sea and came to the shore of Verdansk island, which has unleashed the zombies into the wild.

These are the stories of the two other versions. These versions are based on the real stories, which are mentioned above. There are some cheats and hacks also, which makes this game more interesting to play. With the updating versions, these cheats and hacks get updated and make the game more enjoyable to play.

These cheats and hacks are always related to the game, and it helps you to play the game in a perfect way. The eft hacks are one of the developers of the cheats and hacks. These hacks help you to cope up with the obstacles that come your way. There are some hacks that help you to look through the solid surfaces and can find your opponent more quickly. And there are also some warnings, which warn you before any technical glitch and even warn you at the time of being shot by your opponent.


Considering these and understanding all these points, we all knew about the maps and equipment for the game. 

We also got to know about the stories of the other version on which they are based. There are two maps which we have discussed above, which are Verdansk and rebirth island, and some of the equipment have also been discussed by us like guns, shields, and a new in-game currency called cash.

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