Lead Generation & SEO: Ways You Can Earn Money Online

With COVID-19 becoming widespread, the job scenario got deeply affected. A lot of small businesses had to shut shop as there were no takers for their products. On the other hand, some employees got the pink slip as their company decided that they could not afford to pay in such circumstances.

However, now that the market is picking up, the scope of working from home is increasing too. If you are looking to make extra bucks, here are 5 ways you can earn money online.


SEO is the trick of adding the right keywords and images that make your website rank amongst the top Google search results. Since customers tend to see the first few search results, your website’s chances of getting a preference are higher.

If you know the correct seo agency sydney strategies, you can help businesses give prominence to their website. You could Make Money With Digital Domination Dojo and get a strong foothold in the digital marketing business.

Affiliate marketing

Every company wants its products to get maximum sales. That is why they look for associates who can assist them in promoting their business. Similarly, if the product is software or an eBook and you have used the product, you can recommend it to your friends.

In case any of the friends purchase the identical product from your link, you get the commission for it. A simple way to earn money provided you know how to market the products well.

On-demand services

A lot of people do not know how to use essential services in such difficult times. There are jobs like ordering online stuff, typing out applications, and setting up accounts that people cannot do. You can circulate details of your assistance services to your neighbors and friends.

However, make sure you charge a decent fee so that people do not mind the cost in terms of the service provided.

Content writing

With the increase in people’s desire to make their website customer-centric, the need for content is also increasing. If you think you can write good content, you could post your services online.

Many people look for such services, and if you market well, you can earn a decent amount. You could join a freelancing website to get customers.

Online selling

Ecommerce websites offer small businesses the platform to sell their products online. This means if you have created something unique, you can sell the product on such websites. There is a small fee that you need to pay to the website, but that is immaterial if you make good money in the end.


In the last few years, the scope of online earning has increased manifold. Due to COVID-19, many people are still looking to buy services online. So if you have a skill, you can use the above techniques to earn some decent money.

In most cases, the products sold to get you recognition, and your business moves ahead at a rapid pace. Use the above methods to soar ahead but make sure you are adequately trained in your field before you take the first step.

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