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Luxury Furniture: Make your Sofa Look Expensive

Beyond throw blankets and pillows, there are numerous out-of-the-box ideas to make your otherwise bland sofa look high-end. A sofa should be the centerpiece in your lounge, office, or living room. It’s the first thing your visitors will look for when looking to get comfortable in your home. You want to make a good first impression by owning a couch that will be etched in their minds. How?

Below are tricks interior designers use to transform high-end homes into breathtaking spaces without breaking the bank.

Make a Gallery Wall

Buying a luxury couch may be out of the question when working on a small budget. No need to change your old couch; instead, switch some things up on the wall nearest to the sofa.

Display some of your best artwork and pictures on the wall to accentuate the room and compliment the sofa. A gallery wall creates visual interest making the room feel more luxurious while taking most of the attention away from the seat.

For best results, mix and match frame sizes while balancing different mediums and styles, encapsulating traditional and contemporary wall pieces.

Use Many Pillows

Big or small, every sofa needs pillows. However, you might go wrong by using a few pillows that come in bland colors that do little to complement the couch.

It all narrows down to the quality and quantity of your pillows. Choose pillows made from attractive soft and textured fabrics and stuffed with quality filling. Good examples of textured fabric excellent for sofa pillows include:

  • Huckaback
  • Fake Fur
  • Lace
  • Crepe
  • Crinkled Finished Cotton
  • Chenille
  • Felt
  • Hammered Satin

Feel free to mix bold colors with pattern fabrics for your pillows. Feathers and down, memory foam, and organic cotton filling are the best if you want a pillow that retains its shape, is cozy, and is durable.

Move The Sofa Away from The Wall

Do you need to switch some things around in your living room? Consider moving your sofa closer to the center of the room and a short distance from the walls and windows.

Experts are inclined to treat a sofa as an aesthetic object instead of a functional item placed in a dull corner. This gives your furniture a floating effect with a more premium look and makes your space appear larger.

Use Surrounding Furniture to Complement the Sofa

Carefully arrange furniture like side tables, lamp stands, ottomans, magazine/remote holders, rugs, and indoor plants to enhance your space. Choose furniture made using luxurious materials like carved coffee tables, marble flower pots, and other gold or copper side pieces that give your space a contemporary look and elevated feel.

The furniture surrounding your sofa helps balance out the room giving your sofa an elegant look from different angles, irrespective of a standard or open-plan living room design.

Color Coordinate the Interior Decor

The safest, simplest way to coordinate your space is by using different shades of the same color. Interior designers call it color drenching. This trick works wonders and is quite effective when transforming your space into a super-luxe, high-end area.

From upholstery, ceiling, statues, walls, rugs, and flower pots, using different shades of beige, for example, can make your sofa and living room appear cozy, more inviting, and expensive.

Add Accent Chairs

A standard sofa or sectional is great when it’s the right quality, shade, and texture. However, you could still feel like something is missing.

Complete the look by adding an accent chair. Accent chairs instantly make your space more elegant. Accent chairs are statement pieces that bring in visual interest. Moreover, they add extra sitting space and complement the layout of your living room.

Luxury furniture stores in Los Angeles stock accent chair designs that fit in and match seamlessly with the rest of your other furniture.

Professional Cleaning

Both indoor and luxury outdoor furniture need a little pampering to make them look and feel brand new. Professional cleaners have the necessary experience and equipment to polish your seats better than you would with soapy water and a rug.

The pros have steam cleaners and know how to care for fragile fabric like leather, velvet, or suede, which could stain or get damaged should you decide to do the cleaning yourself. Using the wrong cleaning technique could often leave ugly water marks and damage the fibers.

Bottom Line

Indoor and outdoor seating serves an irreplaceable purpose in your living spaces. It’s where you envision yourself when you want to relax, rest, meditate, or bond with loved ones. If you want to add a touch of opulence to your spaces, the tricks above will give you just that for way less.

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