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Luxury Home Renovation Services and Their Challenges: Astaneh Construction Experts Discuss

Home and kitchen renovation works come with lots of excitement as well as challenges. From planning to budgeting and project execution, there are many things to take care of. As the topmost Google rank holder as a home renovation Toronto company, Astaneh Construction can solve all your problems. Besides, we ensure complete customer satisfaction and our CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD of 2021 for high-quality services vouches for that. 

Before we discuss the challenges in luxury home and kitchen renovation services, we must mention that you will need to spend from $40,000 to $1, 50,000 for the same. Our prices depend on various factors, such as the quality of your kitchen countertop, the size of your cabinet, and other important fixtures. 

So, let’s get started with the possible hurdles in luxury kitchen renovation and home renovation Toronto services. Besides, we will discuss how at Astaneh Construction, we handle these challenges. 

  • Kitchen Renovation Process is Complex: 

As your experienced home renovation Toronto partner, we want to make it very clear to you that the process of kitchen renovation is detailed and full of challenges. The kitchen in your home is used every day, and probably it experiences more traffic compared to other zones in the house. Besides, while taking charge of kitchen renovation work, we also have to think about amenities present or expected in the luxury kitchen. Besides, we have to consider the provision for safely positioning the existing and desired appliances. 

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Moreover, we also acknowledge the fact that the food habit of the residents differs from one house to another. Again, some kitchens are managed by a single user, and some kitchens may have multiple users. Most importantly, at Astaneh Construction, we understand how important the ventilation of the kitchen is. 

Again, at the end of the day, you expect an aesthetic and functional cooking space from our home renovation Toronto experts. Considering the challenges, and the type of work at hand, we ensure that we make a detailed plan of every kitchen remodelling work. Only thorough planning can integrate all the elements successfully into a luxury kitchen. 

Further, detailed planning and exchange of ideas with our customers help us to set a justified budget for any kitchen and home renovation Toronto work. We don’t want to get into hiccups, such as hidden costs, sudden surging up of budgets, etc. Rather, at Astaneh Construction, we focus on creating a space that will be a synthesis of your requirements and our expertise. 

  • Budget is a Concern: 

Astaneh Construction renovators are familiar with the problem of exceeding the budget while planning a kitchen and home renovation Toronto service.  We have already mentioned the possibility of this problem. Now, let us tell us in detail how this can affect ongoing renovation work. First of all, your luxury kitchen remodelling may require transforming a traditional kitchen. Your house and kitchen may be old and constructed according to the 19th or early 20th-century trends. Besides, there may be moisture attacks and other problems. 

In such cases, we keep the customers aware of the additional costs so that they don’t run out of funds in the middle of the project. Further, the materials to be used impact the budget determined for every kitchen and home renovation Toronto work. 

  • Planning the Storage Space is Challenging: 

At Astaneh Construction, we had many customers who were unsure about the storage space needed in the kitchen. Here, we think that homeowners have to play a major role. If you don’t tell us how much and what type of storage space you need, we simply cannot come up with a proper plan. And never think that the problems related to lack of storage space can be addressed and solved at the end of the renovation work. Then, you will end up having some ugly open shelves that will ruin the overall appearance of your kitchen. Besides, those shelves may fail to accommodate your essentials.

So, as your Astaneh Construction partner, we suggest that you get a separate zone for storing the bigger items that you don’t need on a daily basis. This will free up some space for the things you need regularly. Besides, we are very particular about the types of drawers, cabinets, and shelves you are going to need in the kitchen. 

Further, while planning a kitchen renovation, we always come up with smart and innovative ideas. For example, a sleek corner shelf or a corner cabinet for keeping some vintage stuff, or an extra drawer in the space between your cupboard and the floor – these really work! You can also have a wall-mount and ceiling-high cabinet for your kitchen. We prefer keeping those cabinets open or paint those in nude shades to make the kitchen appear bigger and brighter. 

  • Managing the Workflow in a Luxury Kitchen: 

As discussed earlier, no two kitchens are similar in their functionalities. There may be a lot of baking happening in one kitchen, and another kitchen may be filled with the aroma of perfectly seasoned steaks. Besides, if two or more persons cook in a kitchen, we have to ensure that they have enough space for functioning without hurting each other. 

Again, we think that everyone needs a proper workstation to make preparations for the food to be cooked. We even have seen how working mothers need to manage their office assignments, cooking, and tutoring their children simultaneously. In such cases, we suggest a bigger workstation or kitchen island where a laptop can be placed, and the children can finish their homework. Moreover, from making the preparations to putting the meal on the table, the process should be seamless. We don’t want accidents as you have to take a long walk from your kitchen oven to where it is to be kept. Above all, we make it a point to position the sink, ovens, and fridges properly for your convenient functioning. 

  • Conclusion: 

Astaneh Construction has the infrastructure and an efficient team to handle all types of luxury kitchen renovation work. Besides, we use the best quality materials and deploy the best labourers for the execution of each project. So, contact us without any delay if your luxury kitchen deserves a fresh new lease of life. 

At home, everyone enjoys a little luxury. You may need a lot of it. It is possible to make major improvements to your home, or just add some features at a time to raise its appeal. Astaneh construction is Googles Top-Ranked home renovation company in GTA, offering the full range of top-quality kitchen and home renovations in Toronto. You will be happy to know that the company just won the Consumer Choice Award of 2021.  For more information on luxury home renovation Toronto ideas, please feel free to contact Astaneh Construction.    

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