Make your payments easier with Omella

Growing businesses around the world have boosted the need for payment processing solutions to allow quick, secure, and easy payments across the globe. In this digital epoch, using virtual currency is way more convenient and advantageous over cash payments.

In order to set up an online business or make several online transactions, a best online processing solution is required. Omella is here to help businesses and organizations grow by providing improved, faster and secure online payment solutions.

  • What is Omella?

Omella is an online payment processing company with plain and straightforward payment procedures. It provides an affordable online payment service.

Individually dealing with every customer can be hectic and time consuming. Omella was founded to save time and efforts of organizers from frustrating payment procedures. It has become easier for organizations to manage money and collect online payments.

Saving of time has allowed the organizers to focus on the improvement and growth of their organizations.

  • Why online payment processing solutions are required?

From individuals to companies, online payments are convenient for everyone. It’s a smooth and quick method to transfer funds.

If someone wants to donate money or has to make an urgent transfer, it is hard to rush to a bank. Instead, through an online payment method, a few clicks can get your job done without any hassle It takes only a few seconds to complete the whole payment process.

  • What are the features of Omella?

Omella’s solution features include:

  • QR code payment, that is a quick and error-free method.
  • Recurring payments, that are required to make periodically, such as automatic subscription payments.
  • Regular Recurring donations.
  • Bulk invoicing, that deal with multiple invoices at once.
  • Payment reminders, that keep your payments on-time.
  • How to use services of Omella?

It is easy to start your online payments with Omella. You need to agree with the terms and conditions and have a registered Omella account.

Omella provides its users with web-based software and tools to start making and receiving payments.

  • How transactions are made through Omella?

Your debit card, credit card or US bank account can be linked or unlinked to your Omella account. When you initiate a payment, Omella makes electronic transfer of an authorized amount from your linked account.

Before making a payment, make sure that you have sufficient funds in your linked account. You can view your activity on your Omella account.

  • Can money be deposited in Omella account?

Omella does not provide banking or insurance services. It is only a service provider and intermediary between a business and its customers.

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