Making a layered chocolate banana cake

Chocolate and bananas are a favorite ingredient for many people since they taste really delicious. Hence, many people would like to eat a layered chocolate banana cake. One option for making the cake is searching for a layered banana cake recipe online. While there are many recipes available for banana cakes, there are comparatively fewer recipes for layered cakes since there are some differences in the process of making the layered cake. The typical recipe for making a cake with layers of chocolate and banana is described below.


The first step in making the cake is collecting the ingredients. There are a large number of ingredients required like cake flour, plain flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda , one cup sugar, butter, salt vanilla, chocolate and cream. Usually for a cake of size eight inches, one cup of cake flour, one cup of plain flour, 3/4 cup of cocoa powder and two eggs will be required. In Singapore , usually the pisang rajah or pisang mas type of bananas grown organically in some of the smaller farms locally are preferred for making the cake to get the best taste.


First, all the ingredients in the cake, except the bananas, have to be mixed together to form a uniform mixture. A whisk can be used to mix the ingredients well together. After the mixture is uniform, it should be put in the baking pan to form a thick layer. Depending on the number of chocolate layers in the cake, multiple layers of the cake have to be baked. Typically it will take twenty minutes to bake each layer if the oven is small in size. The bananas should be peeled and then sliced, so that they can be used for the banana layer.


Usually the lowest layer of the cake is the chocolate layer which already has been baked in the oven. Depending on the thickness of the banana layer required, the fresh banana slices should be placed over the baked chocolate layer. After the banana layer is of the desired thickness, the next layer of baked chocolate cake is placed on the banana layer. Usually the cake will have one chocolate cake layer in the middle, bottom and top, alternating with two layers of banana slices. A chocolate whipped cream is applied to the top of the cake and on the sides so that the layers adhere to each other.

Ordering a cake

Though making the layered banana chocolate cake at home is often cheaper, it is usually very time consuming, especially if the family does not bake cakes at home often. It is necessary to ensure that all the ingredients are used in the right proportion or the cake may not be edible. Additionally it is also necessary to have the utensils, oven, baking pan for making the cake. After the cake is baked, all the utensils have to be washed. Many professionals, especially women do not have the time and energy to bake the layered cake at home, since they have a very busy schedule. So they find it far easier to order the layered cake from a reputed cake shop.

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