Making Your Home Energy Efficient

One of the things that many people do not know is that, their HVAC system i.e., heating and cooling system is one of the biggest energy corners in your house. It accounts for almost half of your total cost of energy. The money that peoples spend on the utility bill rises more dramatically in the summer and winter months. Winters can also be costly especially when heating costs are concerned for the sake of survival. Luckily, there are few simple methods through which one can reduce their heating price and save money on the utility bill, while staying warm in winters. You can also link with Simply Switch to know more on ways to save energy bills and do a comparison also. Many people have switched to these services.

Allow the Sun Rays During the Day Time –

This is one of the best practices that you can do during the winters and there is a reason why the family cat loves taking sunbath. One of the fantastic sources of free heat is sun. By opening the blinds and curtains during the daytime, you get one of the best benefits of the greenhouse effect and allow the sun to heat your house naturally.

At Night Close the Blinds and Curtains –

Windows can also be like a channel of heat loss if they are not well insulated like your walls. When the sun goes down then you can close the curtains to avoid the cold chills from cooling your house. You can also buy a insulated curtain to enhance the energy efficiency of your windows and house.

Stop the Drafts and Air Leaks –

One of the most effective ways of sealing your home is air sealing which is inexpensive ways. If you weatherstrip your doors and windows then it is another best method of saving energy within a year. Use caulks for openings and cracks in stationary objects like that of window frames, doors and others. You can use weatherstripping around the door or windows if it moves. This way you can make your home energy efficient and friendly.

Doors (external) –

One of the main areas of trouble for drafts are the doors, if you have a draftee door, then check the seals and weather stripping around the door frames. If the weatherstripping is missing then or damaged then replace it quickly and use a new caulk for any broken seals.


One of the major sources of drafts are the windows and it also results in heat loss. It is better that you do the insulation of the windows during the winter season by sealing it with frame and use a clear plastic cling wrap. Windows film is less expensive, easy to use and remove during the spring. You can get the same in the home improvement store or online. The cost of the application is only few bucks in which you can insulate the complete windows of your house and the savings on your heating bill will be too good.

Basement & Attic –

You can check your basement and attic and look for some kinds of air leaks as the floors hide various kinds of air leaks. If you find small cracks then use the foam or caulk for sealing the same. You may need to replace and install the insulation if there are larger holes in the basement or attic.

Heat Leaks Unforeseen –

One of the major sources of drafts is doors and windows. But there are other ways also through which the cold air may leak into your house i.e. through the outlets that are electrical, AC units gaps, light fixtures, and insulation gaps.

So, taking care of the same will help in many ways for your home to be energy efficient.

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