Managing legal client intake using document automation

Legal client intake means to collect detailed case information from prospects to quality the leads correctly and accept them as cases. Law firms might run conflict checks and provide initial consultation to the clients during this process. By the end of the intake process, the law firm might accept or decline representation to a client. This is important as law firms invest time and resources on clients. If you need to USA no code app builder Checkbox for legal client intake and triage, you have to opt for the best document automation software available in the market. Visit for detailed info on automation of legal intake and triage.

Optimizing & streamlining the client intake process:

  • Paperless intake using a document automation system: If you still use a pile of paper or software like Word or Excel to deal with and track intake, you are not converting the intake into cases like you could. Ditch this manual process and automate the client intake process which makes use of paperless client intake. The clients can fill up their information and details based on their convenience in the comfort of their home rather than you handing over a pen and paper to fill in the details. The intake form should contain case type, date of incident, lead contact details, referral source and so on.
  • Automating the client intake tasks: Every step of the client intake needs to be automated so that the work gets done easily. Every time there is a lead, you have to screen the lead details, qualify the lead and decide whether to accept or reject the case. You have to check for the lead in various records and searches prior to organizing a client meeting. All these steps are repetitive each time you receive a similar type of case. If you have automation software, you can create workflow automation and assign all the intake related tasks and delegate them to specific people for executing it on time. Once assigned, you would get reminders and follow up mails. This can prevent you from missing deadlines. You can even track the status on the dashboard.
  • Seamless intake to case conversion: There should not be just one case management solution. Different intake software, a separate calendar program and so on might lead to scattered information, duplicative work and time-consuming data entry for you and your colleagues. Automated software can integrate with your programs and automatically update cases or intake information in all the right places. You can get plaintiff information, documents, events and contacts related to intake in one place! Once the intake is successful, you can convert it into a case and transfer all the data to a management application so that the data is available with just one click. You can get rid of duplicative work and repetitive data entry from one system to another in the intake conversion process and can be more informed when you are interacting with the process.

If you want to implement the Legal Automation Software USA, you can check out Checkbox’s software and also take a look at how Checkbox deals with legal intake and triage by clicking on

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