Meesho- India’s Online shopping mall

Meesho-like services are a lifesaver for middle-class households in the Indian economy since they offer profitable chances to make money from home. Meesho, the country’s first social media-enabled e-commerce network, allows customers to purchase goods via Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

How does Meesho function?

Meesho enables individuals to profitably resell goods. Anyone can access the app and choose any goods they want to resale. After that, one can add compensation to the price of the item and the delivery fee. One can distribute the goods over Groups on Facebook or Telegram with this total price.

Through the app, you can submit an order that a customer has placed. You will receive a part of the money given to Meesho.

Advantages to selling on Meesho

  • Meesho does not levy any charges, so sellers that sell on the site keep all of their profits.
  • Unlike other significant platforms, Meesho does not charge delivery expenses from your settlement account.
  • Millions of customers will purchase your products through Meesho, one of the top e-commerce platforms, thanks to their resale network.
  • Meesho’s website offers resources to aid with business expansion.
  • Meesho is the greatest platform for small company owners seeking to launch a venture without a real financial commitment.

Messho supplier panel

Businesses can find a variety of suppliers on the Meesho Supplier Panel website, including high-caliber manufacturers and producers of certain goods. A vital tool for companies in India, the Meesho Supplier Panel may assist them in finding the best providers for their requirements.

Over one crore resellers are connected to the Meesho supplier panel. Around seven crore users can access the Meesho supply panel, which is accessible in about 24000 pin codes. There are more than 700 people connected to the profile on this platform.


Meesho is a great platform for suppliers to market their goods to a bigger customer base and grow their long-term enterprises. Suppliers can expand their markets and increase sales by utilizing Meesho’s extensive network. Meesho’s central management of prices, offers, discounts, and product information is one of its main features.

Messho facilitates help in accessing the desired audience, boosting sales, and rapidly and simply customizing campaigns. Also, it requires less time and money to organize and manage physical storefronts, freeing up sellers to concentrate their efforts on improving their products and providing customer service.

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