Mercedes Matzen: Why You Should Become a Business Analyst in the Healthcare Industry

Are you a large company that is interested and even rewarded in doing something? Mercedes Matzen says, “To become a healthcare analyst is a great alternative for people who appreciate statistics and wish to work in the health or healthcare sector.” There is no doubt that you will study so much and acquire amazing information in such an intriguing area.

“Business analysts in the healthcare or medical institutions, clinics, medical insurance firms or other business providers give technological and administration solutions. The organizational workflows and business processes can be analyzed, efficiency can be analyzed and solutions can be improved and developed,” Mercedes Matzen added. During the development of your reports and proposals, you do data analysis and interview workers. A healthcare analyst usually works in a bigger team.

“Healthcare  analysts combine extensive managerial skills, finance, research and data analysis with manipulation to the overall objective of enhancing the activities of organizations like hospitals and hospitals,” says Mercedes Matzen. They are a subgroup of management analysts, who usually seek methods to make businesses of all sorts more operational efficient.

Mercedes Matzen, a New York business analyst with some professional know-how in the healthcare sector. “It is a fast developing IT and healthcare sector. We produce a product every year for the next year for our members to execute. NYS (New York State of Health) gives the finest coverage over one payer in private health insurance. One payer will be elected to eliminate all private healthcare businesses,” argues Mercedes Matzen. “Private healthcare firms in NYS must be given the finest coverage.Three years of working at the Health Care Unit of the New York Business Analyst NYS business analyst, I went to another health firm Fidelis and returned to the CDPHP. This gave me the opportunity to understand NYS healthcare within and externally. Many outsourcing and teams in Manila or India are available.”

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Depending on whichever healthcare firm they work in the job of Mercedes Matzen is different in particular terms. The business analytic part of her work, though, remains rather steady. That said, the majority of these lists have certain joint duties, not least:

  • Collect, organize and evaluate important information such as financial accounts, contracts with suppliers and specifications of EHR systems.
  • Communicate and conduct interviews with internal and external stakeholders as necessary in order to understand existing processes and identify areas of improvement.
  • Analysis of firm revenues, earnings and losses, together with existing levels of employment, to advise on ways to make savings and enhance business processes.
  • Develop alternate planning and implementation options, such as zeroing on a new EHR provider, or suggesting technologies to assist system compatibility.
  • Supporting project management at several phases, including research, testing and deployment of new technologies and products.
  • Technical activities such as the creation of papers for business needs, manuals and guides for user training and matrices for traceability requirements.
  • To provide written and verbal presentations to the leadership of a company to share significant findings and updates on modifications in business processes.
  • Data analysis in detail, utilizing spreadsheets or other specialist tools such as software for project management and traceability solutions.
  • Regularly assess the status of any proposed and executed adjustments in order to determine whether they remain on course and to repeat the preceding procedures if necessary to guarantee ongoing development.

“An analytic treatment of solution-based mathematical geniuses is a medical business analyst. This job might be yours if you are enthusiastic about making a contribution in the field of health care. It is a continual learning process to enter this job since no two situations are the same,” says Mercedes Matzen. You are forced to learn more about the internal functions and overlap between the health and business sectors of the company with every position in the health analysis industry.

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