Misconceptions Regarding Bail Bondsmen 

When you are arrested for a crime at the end of the trial, it can be very difficult to gain your freedom back without paying the bail. In such cases, hiring a bail bondsman is your only ticket to getting back to your normal life. However, there have been several myths regarding bail bonds and how they work. 

Bail allows the temporary release of a person from jail with the guarantee that they will be present at the next court hearing. If you are falsely arrested for a crime, attorneys from Kohlmeyer Hagen can help you build a strategic defense. 

Misconceptions regarding bail bondsmen 

  • Bail bondsmen do not care about their clients. 

People think bail bond agents only care about their money. The reality is bail bondsmen will do everything in their power to make sure their client stays out of jail. Therefore, if something happened to a person while on bail, the bondsmen should be the first to contact. 

  • You can pay bail only with cash. 

False. You do not necessarily need to pay your bail with cash. While different agencies and organizations have different policies, many bond services allow the defendant to pay the bail using collateral. Your bail amount determines what kind of collateral can be used. You can use your vehicle, jewelry, or another valuable item instead of money. 

  • You can do whatever you want once you get bail. 

Do not mistake getting out of jail with freedom. Even though you would not have to sleep behind bars, you are still under the criminal spotlight and required to obey the court’s restrictions on your activities. For example, you may not be allowed to travel to a different city, or you may need to stay away from specific places or people, etc. 

  • Bail bondsmen are bad men. 

It is true that bail bondsmen have a rather bad reputation and are thought of as people who raid homes and defraud their victims. In reality, these people can actually be helpful. They help defendants who cannot afford to pay the bail and save time for law enforcement. 

  • Bail bondsmen can negotiate a lower amount. 

The only person who can negotiate your bail with the judge is your criminal defense attorney. The court has set minimum amounts for each offense, and bail bond agents have no control or say over it. The judge can only adjust your bail amount if you are able to provide suitable information or evidence supporting your case.

If you have questions regarding bail and bond, a criminal defense attorney possesses a deep understanding of the rules and procedures and can explain them to you. 

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