My Personal Experience About SHOUTcast Hosting

As a music lover, one of my childhood dream was to launch my own radio station. Thanks to for fulfilling my goals with the affordable SHOUTcast hosting package. Before that, I searched for good radio station hosting, but I wasn’t satisfied with the other providers. Because some companies are good with the network speed but not affordable, and some companies are cheap, but network speed and other facilities aren’t good enough.

One day, I searched for affordable radio hosting on the internet and found a press release of hostox, which grabbed my attention and visited their website to learn more about them. Then, I liked their start-up package and bought it, and that was pretty good for my brand new radio station.

Let me explain a bit of their pricing plans:

Startup package: 

If you are a brand new radio station holder, then I would suggest you subscribe to its start-up plan for £ 3.49 per month that gives you 64/kbps bitrate audio quality for 100 listeners with unlimited bandwidth. 

The 1Gbps network speed will give your audience a buffer-free audio streaming experience. The Centovacast control panel makes it easier for you to handle playing popular music.

Advanced Package:

This package is ideal for those radio station owners who have over 100+ audiences. For £ 4.99 per month, you will get 250 listening slots and 128/kbps bitrate audio quality with all the starter package facilities. 

Pro plan:

The pro plan has 500 listening slots with all the standard facilities available in the advance packages for £ 8.99 per month.

Big Station: 

The big station package has 1000 listening slots with a max audio quality of 320/kbps bitrate, including pro plan facilities for £ 14.99 per month.

Why did I choose SHOUTcast Hosting for my radio station?

CentovaCast Control Panel:

The CentovaCast Control Panel has lots of significant features that thrive my brand radio station growth, such as

1. Comprehensive statistics data:

Without tracking my audiences, I cannot take the proper actions. So, CentovaCast Control Panel helps me monitor my audience performance and the statistics reports that help me understand my audience deeply.

2. Media library: 

The media library function of the CentovaCast Control Panel allows me to organize the tracks according to albums and the basis of the artists, which saves to find and play the music.

3. Auto DJ: Auto DJ tunes radio automatically when I am away from the station.

SSD storage: 

SSD storage performs faster than the regular SATA disk. As a result, you will get faster-loading speed, as well as the risk of the file crashing is almost 0%. 

Money-Back Guarantee: 

HostOx provides 30 days of money-back guarantee that make me felt secure to buy from them. And now I don’t regret my decision.

24X7 Support: 

As a newbie in the radio sector, I faced so many issues in running my radio station. But, whenever I reach to HostOx support, they solved problems as soon as possible cordially.

Wrapping up, I am still pleased with their service, and I hope they will keep going with the excellent service. 

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