Natural ways to grow healthy and shiny hairs within a month

Hair fall and excess sebum on scalp are the most common complaints from both males and females. Beauty is not an external thing. But, your body is as important as your inner self. So, taking care of your hair and skin is never wrong or overrated. Now, we live in cities and countries that are competing against each other to improve technologically. Pollution became an essential part of our life in the process. As a result, we face dull, acne-prone skin, dull and rough hair, hair fall, and so many other problems. Here in this article, we discuss reasons for sebum build-up on scalp and natural remedies to grow hair fast.

Dull hair

Dull hair is the very first representation of malnourishment. If your hair is not getting enough nutrients and protect the external hair, follicles may dry up slowly. As a result, your hair will appear dull and lifeless. Excess air pollution is another crucial reason for the dull hair problem. Pollutants like lead, burnt coal, potent keratin destroyer, and Kerstin are the protein responsible for healthy hair.

Why is your hair not silky?

You will find one question on every social media platform or websites dealing with beauty and self-care. You have to understand why the hair is not getting enough nutrition when applying cosmetics worth thousands of dollars from prominent and established brands. It isn’t straightforward. The most probable reason is that your hair does not need the product. In some cases, the product is only causing more harm than good.

If you did not choose your shampoo, conditioner, or tonic according to your hair type, it could cause several problems. Hair products for dry hair will leave as much oil as possible to keep the moisture intact in the hair roots. Now, if you have already oily hair, the shampoo will not do any good. It will only make your hairs more freezy and Matty. The same logic goes with the dry hairs. If you use shampoo for oily hairs, then, in the end, your hair is going to be nothing less than a birds nest.

How to get rid of the problem?

Nature has the answer for skin and hair problems for ages. You can use some of the highly effective and powerful substances to enrich your hair and skin texture.


Amla is a citrus fruit that has an extensively high concentration of vitamin c and some other nutrients. It directly penetrates your root of the hairs and enters into the circulation. You will get shiny and healthy hair follicles within a week’s usage. We can not guarantee of full recovery of your damaged hair within a week only. But, you will surely see visible changes.

Usage formula

You can use amla in many ways. One of them is infusing it in the oil as amla essence. Amla essential oil is mainly the concentrate of amla extracts from the fruit. We do not suggest applying any Essential oil directly to the skin as it can cause hypersensitivity and other reactions. You may use coconut oil, olive oil, camomile oil, or any of your favourite carrier oil to get the full benefit. You can also use amla paste as a hair pack to provide total energy. A hair pack is an additional hair food that will provide you with better nutrition and healthy hair.

Hair growth

Above mentioned tips and lead a moderate lifestyle, your hair growth will be back to normal. Growing one inch in a month or two is a very healthy sign.

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