Obtaining Degrees without Paying a Single Rupee, India

Humankind, the most graceful creation of God, made with the supreme textures in mind. And eventually, we have determined several aspects that are core to making ourselves a survivor in this battle of life. One of the primary needs of the human being is education. And in the present world, there is no value of a person if they have no educational background or certificate.

India’s Education in Present Days

Education is always at the top of all thoughts in our country. Learning a book is not everything; the results come when an individual takes the correct step and utilizes the knowledge correctly. After determining the importance of obtaining an educational institution, our government has benefited by several degrees. Like, free primary education, forming the National Scholarship Portal, and many other short programs for the occasional students. Today’s school and college are less expensive. Yet, it is no longer bearable; for this reason, many of the talented students are unable to sit for the learning portals. Hence, we shall disclose today how one can attend their desired courses by gaining the scholarship.

Nationwide Scholarship Program, Step by Step

Before jump into the deep of the scholarship interface, the good thing about this program is it is for the whole nation, which means students from anywhere can apply through the portal. And the steps one must follow appropriately without any mistake. 

  1. Open the search engine (Google) and search for the National Scholarship Portal or NSP by typing on the space. And you will find the official page of NSP. Click on it, and the interface of the website will appear.
  2. On the homepage of the website, you will find various options and their details. Moreover, on the left side, you will find the box where the latest updates are available. If you face any difficulties, the authority is providing helpline service as well.
  3. On the above of the page, there is an option for new enrollment or registration. Click on that, and you will find a new page informing about the rules and regulations about the NSP. You must read the full rules before a step forward.
  4. You will find some boxes at the bottom on the same page, which marks the right sign. Mark all of them and press the continue button at the last of the page. Afterward, the page will direct you to the form or registration page.
  5. On the registration page, you have to fulfill your personal information and location (state). Remember one thing about the scholarship category, if you are studying metric or below, choose the pre-metric type and if you are above metric, select post-metric. Moreover, about the scheme type, select the ‘Scholarship Scheme’ and provide the mobile number that is always on, causing the OTP and other updates to be sent there. You will find some boxes at the bottom of the page, make those boxes marked, and click the Register button.
  6. You will get a student ID and password on the interface and mobile, respectively. Using the ID and password, log in on the website, and later on, you will receive an OTP, which you need to put on the OTP section on the page. After that, the page will appear with the password changing option and change the password.
  7. After logging in, you will find ‘application form,’ click on it, and another form will appear. Fill up all with the authentic information. After filling the data, you need to upload your credentials if the scholarship amount is 50,000 or above. Before submitting bonafide, you have to download the file and fill it. Then upload the scanned copy. Then press the final submit button. 

The process of NSP is time-consuming, so start filling the information when you are free from all types of engaging tasks. In the end, don’t forget to print the form and check the status regularly.

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