Office Essentials: Efficient PDF Tools That You Should Use on GogoPDF

Nowadays, we tend to rely on technology too much. There won’t be a single day that we won’t have to hold on to our devices and gadgets. Instead of sending a materialized document to someone personally, we just have to send them the file via email. But sending files might be frustrating because of limitations. These limitations can be diminished when using the right tools; you can have your files converted into PDF for smaller file sizes.

GogoPDF offers almost every service there is when it comes to PDF files—from repairing your corrupted PDF files to compressing them, and of course, converting to and from PDF. These tools are quick and efficient for your daily errands when sending files to someone. It would literally cut the workload for you. Fun fact, GogoPDF’s services are all free, and there’s also no need to register.

GogoPDF’s Repair PDF Tool

PDFs are universal and convenient. If you want to send tons of files to someone, you can send them as PDF so you can have them sent altogether. But at some point, due to viruses and incidental power outages, they become corrupted; thus, they cannot be accessed. You don’t have to brood over that problem because GogoPDF’s Repair PDF File tool is the quick and easy solution for corrupted PDF files, extracting the data of your corrupted PDF and restoring it.

With the help of this simplified tool, you can repair your corrupted and damaged PDF files in 4 simple steps. The first thing to do in the process is to choose the PDF you would like to restore and upload to the server. Another way to upload is to simply drag your file and drop it in the repair box. After the upload, GogoPDF’s repair pdf tool will start repairing your file. After a while, you can now download your restored PDF file. Quick, convenient, and easy, right?

GogoPDF’s Compress PDF Tool

When you want to share confidential files via email, you will never go wrong with sending files as PDFs. To reassure you, you can even put passwords on your PDF files and make them safer. But some cases, even sending PDF files via email would cause a problem because of file size limitations. A fast and convenient solution for this would be GogoPDF’s compress PDF tool, compressing your PDF file’s file size, taking up less memory, and easier to upload.

You can compress your PDF with GogoPDF’s compress PDF tool in 4 brief and easy-to-learn steps. The compression process starts after choosing the PDF file you want to reduce the file size, or you can simply drag the file and drop it in the compressor box. After uploading, the tool will start compressing your PDF file. The process might take a while, but you can now download your new PDF file with reduced file size after the process bar finishes.

Converting Your Files to PDF With GogoPDF

PDF is the standard format these days, and they are accessible to any operating system. You can access them at any time and anywhere. If you want to send or receive files, it’s better to have them as PDF so the sender or the receiver won’t have problems accessing them. GogoPDF offers to convert your files to PDF in a quick and easy manner. From Word files, image files, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and even HTML files, GogoPDF can handle.

Converting your files has never been more comfortable with GogoPDF. You can convert them with four brief and straightforward steps. The process takes place as soon as you upload the file you want to convert to PDF. After the upload, GogoPDF will proceed to scan and extract the content of your file. After the process bar finishes, you can now download and save your newly converted PDF file to your device.

Convert Your PDF Files to Any File Format With GogoPDF

Everyone uses PDF to send or receive files nowadays. We tend to rely on PDF files because they are convenient and handy. But even PDF files have limitations. When saving your file as PDF, yes, they are accessible to any system, but you cannot make any changes or edits if you might’ve missed something or you want to remove something from your file. With GogoPDF’s PDF converter tool, you can make this possible, just convert your PDF to the right file format.

You can convert your PDF to the file format you want in 4 simple steps. The first step in the process is to choose the PDF file you want to convert and upload it to the conversion box. After the upload, GogoPDF will start scanning your file and extract the content from it. After a short while, you can now select the file format you want, and then GogoPDF will begin the conversion. After the process bar finishes, you can now download your newly converted file.


PDF files are indeed convenient these days. We can send essential files via email instead of handing them out personally. With the right tools, you can diligently manage your files. When it comes to PDF files, you can never go wrong with GogoPDF.

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