Online games vs live dealers – roulette

Here at Bitcasino, we have plenty of games to satisfy roulette fans who want fast-paced action as well those who seek the real-world casino thrill of a ball spinning around a table, even though they’re not stood there in person.

The most immediate thing you might notice from our list of providers is the choice between a random number generator (RNG) and live dealer roulette. The RNG is essentially a computer programme that selects number sequences at random. These get processed by the programme and displayed as results that are intelligible to the human player. The choices made by the RNG will determine who wins and who loses on a particular “spin” without any external influence. As such, the level of randomness between a virtual and a real-life wheel are pretty much indistinguishable.

RNGs are used around the world in virtual roulette games but have proved particularly popular online. In the early days on the internet, RNG casino games had somewhat of a mixed reputation. Many people were sceptical in how above-board or reliable they were and preferred to spend their money in person. However, this is most definitely a thing of the past, and RNG software is incredibly sophisticated these days. Additionally, online casinos have spent years building up their reputation online, so the chances of a rigged game are slim to none.

An increasingly popular option is live dealer roulette, which consists of real casinos with real dealers, at real tables, spinning real wheels. A live dealer roulette game recreates the experience of playing in a land-based casino by simply transmitting a live feed of an actual dealer playing a live game to your computer screen. Despite the increased sophistication of RNG games, live dealer roulette has gradually become more popular over the years.

One of the reasons for this is the authenticity of the experience. Players just don’t go to the casino to mindlessly press a button repeatedly until they (hopefully) win a spin or two. Part of what makes these games so much fun to play is the whole experience – the interactions with the dealer, the look of the table and the sound the wheel makes when it’s in action. This is what casino play is all about. Live dealer play recreates this from the comfort of your own home. For this reason, live dealer roulette is more of an experience than merely a game. If live dealer roulette sounds like your game, you can browse our extensive selection and the various types of live games available – and don’t forget to take advantage of our generous new player bonuses by signing up today!

Secondly, is also popular for the speed of play. If you are playing an RNG version of the game, sometimes the games can move too fast because the software calculates the numbers so quickly. This might suit some players who prefer a faster-paced approach, but others prefer to take their time and to be a bit more methodical in how they place their bets.

For these types of people, live dealer roulette is a preferable experience, as this version does not speedily generate numbers with much fewer spins that takes a lot out of the playing experience. Watching the wheel spin while you wait for the ball to settle is, for some players, the best part of the game, and this pace of play does much to heighten their playing experience. Furthermore, as play happens in real time, you can control the speed of it a lot more depending on whether you want to make it faster or slower. This might give you a competitive edge if you place your bets right.

Finally, players might also be drawn to the competitive elements of real dealer play. Much of the enjoyment of gambling comes through the heightened emotions it provides you. This is enhanced when you know you are playing against someone real and the risks and rewards become that little bit more tangible.

Even though the odds and probabilities are the same for both virtual roulette and live dealer play, it’s important to think about what experience you would prefer before you start to play. By signing up at Bitcasino, you can try one of the live dealer roulette games at your leisure, and play for fun before playing with any of your cash. Once you feel ready to wager, our new player bonuses will even help keep you winning longer.

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