Online Kids Books to Help Students Improve Their Class Performance.

Often good students are not born but made. Yes, some students naturally have a positive attitude towards learning and education. But mostly children become good students over time by being motivated to learn, accompanied by access to adequate learning materials. Therefore, it’s essential to cultivate a positive learning culture in children. And for children, learning goes beyond the classroom. To spur up the basic aptitude and creativity of children, learning as to supersede the classroom.

Therefore, one effective way to improve student class performance is with the help of kids books. Kids books not only provide a fun learning environment for children. But it also teaches them in ways that they will remember. So, providing children with kids books to read is a major way to student class performance is improved.

But beyond this, it’s important to know which kids book will be most effective. For not all kids books online will ensure improvement of a student’s class performance. So, in this article, we will be providing a list of kids books that will creatively improve student’s performance. By presenting learning in a way that resonates with them. Our kids’ books list includes,

1. Greek Mythology – Colouring Book

It is a book that spurs up creativity in children, encouraging them to use their imagination while colouring over 90 Mythology figures. What better way to learn Greek Mythology than by colouring and drawing mythology figures as you wish. Not only is this kids book filled with vibrant colours, but it also keeps your children occupied for hours with Mythology characters.

So, it’s surely a way to improve students’ performance in creative arts and history. The more time spent on a thing, the more accustomed you are to such a thing. Therefore, after spending hours choosing the right colours for over 90 Mythology figures. It no surprise that students will easily identify historical figures such as the Atlas, Pegasus, Athena, Hercules,  the Greek gods, and many more.

Also, this kids book contains vital information on Mythology characters, as well as their unique features. Therefore, providing children with valuable information about Greek Mythology. The Greek Mythology -Coloring Book is divided into five sections, each containing vital historical details. Furthermore, this kids book provides your children with other skills needed to improve their class performance. Skills such as focus, patience from delicately coloring, concentration, and confidence or a sense of accomplishment for finishing the coloring of a Mythology figure.

2. Playful History

Activities that help children remember certain historical events and concepts in a creative and fun manner. History is full of different events that are important to remember but you can’t just shove a history book at a child and expect them to be interested. Giving them activities that make learning about history fun will help kids remember historical events in a playful manner.

The next book on our kids’ books list uses ten playful activities to teach children key historical terms and concepts. If you seek to improve your child’s basic understanding of history, then get them this book. It contains ten playful historical activities which aim to teach key concepts such as chronology, century, timelines, and anachronism.

So, after reading this kids book online, students will know how to correctly date historical events, identify erroneous dating. As well as effectively convert centuries into years, and years back to centuries with ease. With ten fun and interactive lesson-activities you get to improve their history knowledge. They are now able to identify BCE and CE as well as AD and BC, pinpoint the exact timeline of major historical events, among other things.

So, rather than force your children to remember the year Julius Caesar died. Why not get them kids book to read such as Playful History, and watch them remind you when the Americas was discovered by Christopher Columbus or when an anachronism is misplaced in a movie!

3. The Time of Inventions

Does your child encounter problems remembering or even resonating with the happening of the Industrial Era? Then, why not get them a copy of The Time of Inventions, a card-based kids book to teach about activities of the Industrial Revolution. Often, children find it difficult to understand the activities of the Industrial revolution as it doesn’t exactly correlate with what they have currently. Therefore, they lose interest and their class performance drops as a result.

But engaging in a fun game of cards while learning will help improve student’s class performance. So, this simple card game solves the problem of lack of interest from the students. And teaches them vital information about the Industrial Revolution. Its other five activities teach children about vital happenings of the Industrial Era. Some of the lessons taught by The Time of Inventions include information on key inventions that occurred during this era. Problems arising from the population growth of the early eighteenth century. And the inventors who took major steps to address those issues.

At the end of proper utilization of this card game kids book, students will be well-groomed in the historical activities of the First Industrial Revolution. And the British history of 1750-1850.


These are just to name a few kids books read online that will improve student’s class performance. As parents always remember that there are specific books for specific subjects. Also, do not forget that these books are meant to make learning fun and interactive. While ensuring that children learn in a way that they do not forget.

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