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For the last two years, the online education system has been in effect and videos have played an important role in assisting the classes, teaching and learning. Videos are one of the best types of media. They are very interactive and interesting making any topic more engaging for the students. For two years now, the education system of our country and almost every country around the world has been functioning online. Videos have been the medium that has been used most during this period for teaching and learning, it has been used for various other types of activities related to education. Every type of online class is more or less based on videos in different forms and versions. In this article, we will talk about online video courses and how to create an online course that is video-based. We will also talk about how you can create multiple online courses and sell them online. We will talk about the different types of videos and the types of online platforms that support video courses. 

Online classes, as we know are of two types- live classes and recorded videos classes. Both of these types of online classes make use of videos in different modes. In a live class, a live video is shared by the teacher with his or her students and in a recorded class, a video that has been previously recorded is shared by the teacher with his or her students. Boh the modes make extensive use of videos. The live classes and the platforms used for the same allow the teachers and students to share their screens with each other and share videos that exist anywhere on their system or on the internet. There are online courses that are completely video-based and make use of pre-recorded videos to share the same topics with a very large number of students who can then learn at any tie and from anywhere. Videos make learning fun and interesting, they also make learning simpler for the students who find it difficult or boring to read through books and a lot of text material. 

There are a number of online platforms that support video-based courses of different types. Some of these platforms support live classes and live videos and many platforms also support live video streaming where you can live stream a recorded video while interacting with your audience using the chat feature and discussing their doubts and difficulties. Other types of online portals and platforms support recorded videos and storing a huge amount of video data that can be accessed by the students when they are studying these topics. Some other platforms allow the teachers to create and sell online courses that are based on recorded videos, text material and other content. Many platforms have the features for all these types of video courses to be shared with the students and the teachers and students only need to have the access to one platform to make use of all of these. If you are creating and selling courses online, you just need to find the best platform to sell video courses and you can reach students anywhere in the world with your course. Let us take a detailed look at the different types of online video courses. 

Live courses or live classes are very commonly conducted by schools and colleges. These online classes follow a proper schedule like the classes that were conducted in the offline mode. The teachers and the students have to be present in these online classes at the same time. This type of class allows real-time interaction and the class can be recorded for reference or revision. Live classes can be conducted using video meeting platforms. Another type of live class can be conducted using the live video streaming apps and websites. Here there is no limit on who can attend the video-based class and learn using the videos and these videos can be made available for watching later as well. 

Coming to recorded videos for education, these are primarily used by online courses that offer course content and material on almost every topic that you can think of. These video courses offer more flexibility and the teachers and students can be present here as per their convenience. 

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