Plak Theme introduced the Table of Content in Shopify Blog Articles

Unlike WordPress, which is focused on Blogging and services website and which have lot of great plugins that help the users create professional blogs with sidebars and all what they need to to optimize the article SEO, Shopify however is majestically focused on eCommerce and online selling, however by using a great theme like Plak or Grass, Shopify merchants who would like to add a blog community to their online store will be able to have a great and professional looking blog template along with their main activity which is eCommerce.

In this article, I will highlight the importance of the Table of Content in Shopify blogs.
Plak Theme is the first to include the Table of Content for Shopify merchants

Being the leading designer of premium Shopify themes and the inventor of the Blurry coupon feature, Plak Theme LLC is a company providinng high performance Shopify themes, known also for its unmatchable customer support, mainly on their community forum, Plak developer was the first to add the Table of Content feature to their themes.

The importance of the Table of Content

There are 2 main advantages of having a Table of content below your Shopify blog articles.

1- Make your blog more attractive

Table of content (TOC) will look very nice on the beginning of your article, and will make the navigation easier for your readers, they can click on a header and jump straight to its paragraph…Having this nice looking feature will increase the user experience and make your article more funny and smoother.

Since Shopify merchants use blogs to attract new visitors and add a value to their existing customers by giving them more information about the products and their business, having a well written article along with a table of content will make their website look more catchy and this is great perk for the brand awareness

2- Increase SEO

The other big advantage of having a Table of Content in your Shopify blog is the SEO (Search engine optimization), in fact the Table of Content extract the heading in your article and list them in anchor links.

Google and other search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, … are able to read this anchor links and feature them in their search engines underneath the meta description or within it, search engines call it the Jump Links (example in the screenshot below)

The Jump links, will look like the callouts in the search paid ads, giving the meta description a colorful and attractive looking to increase the CTR ( Click-through rate) and the readers can easily click on the specific heading to go directly to the paragraph related to their searched keywords

How to add the Table of Content in your Shopify blog?

According to Plak Theme developers, this feature can be enabled by a simple click from the theme editor, and the Table of Content is then automatically generated based on the Heading structures of the article (H2, H3, H4, …)

You can also customize the button style, colors, fonts, …

What if you don’t have a theme from Plak Theme ?

At the time of writing this article, there is no third party app to add the Table of Content in your blog articles, the only remaining way to get this feature if you don’t have a theme from Plak Theme is by hiring a developer, this could be very costly

I am using WordPress, is there any plugging for the TOC ?

Yes ! WordPress has lot of plugins to add the Table of Content, Like Yoast plugin, which offer other great feature to optimize your article SEO and increase your organic traffic


Shopify users who have a large inventory and Shopify plus merchants who have a blog within their online store can now easily drive free organic traffic due to the professional templates from Plak theme who offer this new exclusive feature.

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