PMP Exam: The Questions and Techniques Students Are Concerned with

1. How about the Persuasiveness of the Choice Question of PMP Test?

PMP choice questions are highly convincible. Many people think that this sort of question is not reliable. This is a huge misunderstanding of PMP exam. The choice questions of PMP are developed through rigorous scientific research. All the questions have gone through various tests from in the experiments to the real exam environment. Therefore, PMP exam questions are highly scientific and reliable.

2. How Hard Is the PMP Exam?

It is neither difficult nor easy. Only if you make hard work, can you pass the exam. There is little possibility that fortune can help you pass.

3. The Passing Rate of PMI PMP Exam.

The passing rate is not preset. There is not a statistic of passing rate. Based on experience, 70% of students can pass the PMP certification test in China.

4. How Long Does It Take to Know the Exam Result?

PMI promises to release the result 6-8 weeks after the exam is finished. In the past, only the exam result of September, 2007, students waited for more than 8 weeks to get. The fastest one was around two weeks. Due to the increasing number of candidates, the result releasing time will be prolonged.

5. I Am Not Sure of Whether I Can Pass the Exam. What Can I Do to Deal with Anxiety?

There is not a single person believing that he can pass the test definitely. Most people will feel anxious. This is also the charm of PMP test. Expectation mixed with anxiety is a common state of emotion.

6. Why Does PMI Not Release Questions and Answers?

Because the PMP exam is constantly going on (except for holidays.) Some of the questions may be used in the latter exam. Therefore, it is impossible for PMI to publicize PMP test questions. This is the vitality of PMP that guarantees its long-term value. Perhaps, PMI will release some selective questions.

7. Why of the Students with Seemingly Similar Exam Results, Some Have Passed while Some Failed?

There are six parts of the exam, initial, plan, execution, monitor and close as well as professional ethics. The proportion of each part is 11%, 23%, 27%, 21%, 9%, and 9% respectively. There are three levels on the report card, below proficient, moderately proficient, and proficient. Even if two students have the same result, the correct rate of answers may vary. For example, Student A may have answered all questions of a certain level correctly while student B has also reached the passing line but the number of correct answers is just slightly above the lowest standard. Candidates should pay attention to the PMP test to examine whether they are qualified or not. It aims not at presenting your ranking among all candidates. Apart from the overall result (Pass or Fail), other results are just a reference about your strengths and weaknesses.

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