Pros and Cons of Buying Second Hand Bikes in Bangalore

Every person wants to own a comfortable commuting option that helps him avoid the choking office-hours crowd of public transport. What is better than a two-wheeler when it comes to a regular commute vehicle? Two-wheelers give good mileage, value for money and faster transportation service in traffic. However, most people have to let go of their desire of owning a bike go considering the price range of new two-wheelers! Bearing the expenses of a new bike does not fit into strict monthly budgets where there are other priorities on the list.

Yes, no matter what, getting a brand new bike out of the showroom can be an over-budget expense for most people. In this case, the only suitable option one has is buying second hand bikes in Bangalore. Nonetheless, the dilemma surrounding second-hand purchases multiplies when it comes to used vehicles. Are there any benefits of choosing an old bike over a new one? Does it serve the value of money one expects to reap? What if one winds up buying a damaged vehicle that looked good to go? Let us get the answers to all these questions and evaluate the pros and cons of buying second hand bikes in Bangalore.

Every second-hand bike available for sale can be worth the money if one chooses the right platform to buy it!

“The Pro List” of Buying Second Hand Bikes

Buyers often fail to look at the positive side of buying second hand bikes in Bangalore, given the tension occupying this subject catches all the attention! Let us look at the pro list of buying used two-wheelers.

Highly Affordable Alternative

Every buyer can get his preferred bike at a reasonable price in the second-hand market. Since price is the primary reason why one may turn to the second-hand option, this factor is worth choosing a used bike.

Easy Availability Online

The easy availability of used bikes on leading online platforms has helped buyers get better deals and a convenient shopping experience. All one has to do is analyse his preferred options online, check the details and pay the price!

Newly Refurbished Bikes

A refurbished bike is hard to pick out from the new ones! Online portals sell redone vehicles after servicing all their internal parts and covering the dents.

Best Option For Beginners

Bike learners and beginners can always turn to second hand bikes in Bangalore to master their skills. Affording the wear and tear caused by the possible damage caused to a vehicle while learning it is too expensive for a new bike. One should go for an old one for this purpose!

Lower Insurance Premiums

The insurance premiums of vehicles lower with time as their age increases! So, a buyer using a second-hand bike will have to pay a lower premium. It is one of the best money-saving methods, given insurance policies have become mandatory for all vehicles.

Better Resale Value

The depreciation rate of old bikes is much lower than that of a new ones. So, the value of second hand bikes in Bangalore will decrease at a slower rate, giving owners a much better resale value. Buyers can resale their second-hand bikes at a better price.

Refurbished bikes and scooters look as good as new ones if a buyer makes the right purchase!

Evaluate The Cons of Buying Second Hand Bikes

The cons of buying second hand bikes in Bangalore are what bother buyers the most! What if the money is not worth the product? Well, some possible yet avoidable cons of buying used bikes must be in the knowledge of every buyer.

The Reliability Factor

The reliability of used vehicles is the biggest concern. Every buyer wonders whether his chosen bike will serve well in the long run or not! However, this factor does not bother buyers who make informed purchases from a reliable source. If a bike is refurbished properly, it will run smoothly on the road without any disruption!

Worn Out Warranty Period

Warranty periods on most vehicles are worn out in a year! It is undoubtedly a drawback for second-hand buyers who would not get access to this service. However, one can get all the benefits of a company warranty in the insurance coverage of the vehicle.

Limited Options

A buyer may not get his preferred bike or scooter in the second-hand market as the availability may vary from one city to another. Nonetheless, considering the online options may open access to a far better range of vehicles!

Access To Vehicle History

Getting access to the vehicle history of the bike is also questionable in some cases. Buyers should consider online purchases to avoid this problem and get all the required information handy!

Useful Tips To Avoid The Cons While Purchasing Used Bikes

Keeping the pros and cons in mind, how can a buyer make a profitable second-hand purchase? If a buyer is careful with his choices and follows a tailored screening process to pick his buy, he may be able to avoid the cons while buying second hand bikes in Bangalore. Here are a few suggestions that may be helpful for beginners.

  • Browse through the most reliable online portals selling used bikes in the city. Check the background of the platform before entrusting it with the purchase!
  • Check all the prior details of the vehicle available on the website. Do not overlook sensitive information like the vehicle inspection report, total kilometres exhausted, etc.
  • Look for additional benefits and perks offered on the platform to grab the best deals!

Key Takeaways

Second hand bikes in Bangalore are available on both offline and online platforms. A buyer just needs to follow a detailed screening process to find his favourite two-wheeler in the second-hand range. Although the cons of buying used vehicles are unavoidable, one can hold onto the pros and make the most of his money spent!

The expansion of the used vehicles market says a lot about the awareness people have experienced over the years! Gone are the days when buyers had to rely upon strangers to buy their favourite second-hand bikes. One can now browse through the online options, check the details and pick the one that meets their requirements!

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