You can make the best outlook of your garden or compound by simply using a lawnmower. It is a mechanical machine used for cutting grass in an open space, commonly called a lawn. They come in various designs but the choice should fit your work. Let us see the reasons why manual lawn mowers have become popular in Kenya.

What are some of the types of lawn mowers?

Before we dig into manual ones, let us first be familiar with the other species. There are two main divisions’ of lawn mowers i.e. automatic and manual types. These two differ on the form of driving energy.

Automatic mowers are self-driven i.e. they have a lever, that when pulled, results to the movement of the mower and may only require a slight direction control. On the other hand, manual mowers require a push by an operator to engage its cutting blades and for movement.
Below are a brief description of the common types under the two main divisions;

  1. Rotary mowers – have rotary blades capable of cutting more grass types.
    2. Push mowers – suitable for small flat yards.
    3. Self-propelled mowers – are the automatic types. Used for larger grounds since it requires less effort to handle.
    4. Cylinder mowers – are defined by their cylindrical shape container and blades.
    5. Hover mowers – can cut grass at different land terrains or heights through its ability to hover.
    6. Mulching mowers – these eliminate the need for collecting containers; the cut grass is mashed into pieces and dropped on the ground. This method is the best to add natural manure to your farm.

The photo below shows a simple manual lawn mower in operation.

Basic tips you must know before purchasing a lawn mower in Kenya

Do you have trouble using your current mower machine? If yes, possibly you bought an unsuitable one. Lawnmowers have different functional capabilities based on their design. Kindly consider the following;

  1. The size of your garden – for a small area, consider using manual push mowers since it is economically convenient. In the case of large farms, self-propelled mowers are conducive.
    2. The performance of the mower – consider those with the optimum operation for larger grounds.
    3. Cutting heights – we have different preferences on how short our grass levels should be. For equivalent functions, ensure your desired height is within the range.
    4. Cost – it is unnecessary to go for expensive mowers yet there is a cheaper substitute.

When you consider the above points, you will have the most effective lawn mower for home use. For more information, visit manual lawn mower Kenya.

The undebatable advantages of manual lawn mowers

When you randomly survey 10 yards at random in Kenya, you will not miss a manual mower. The simple reasons for these are:

  1. They are more reliable – there are few cases of brake down during operation hence be assured of completing your task.
    2. Are simple in design – we enjoy working with what we are familiar with, hence manual mowers will not be a disappointment.
    3. Are economical – cheaper to purchase, operate and maintain.
    4. It allows the user to exercise – pushing the machine around your farm will help you shade some fat, which is appropriate for body fitness.
    5. They are safer to use – the fact that you have to push it around to operate ensures that it only does so on your conscious. This limits damage to the machine or injuries to the operator.

Limitations of manual lawn mowers

They are limited to short grass heights and on small farms.

If you have not purchased a lawnmower for your yard, it is high time to do so and be part of the large community in Kenya using it.

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