Recover Unsaved Word Documents on Your Mac

You lost an important Word document on your Mac? Don’t get worked up! Everyone has experienced the sinking sensation when several hours of laborious work seem to vanish into thin air. But don’t worry; in this blog post, we’ll show you how to recover unsaved Word files on your Mac and make sure those priceless files are never lost again. We have you covered with some helpful tips and tactics, whether it’s an unexpected power interruption or forgetting to save before exiting the application. So let’s get started and return your misplaced files to their proper places!

How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document on Your Mac?

It might be very irritating to lose an unsaved Word document, but don’t panic — there are ways to retrieve it on your Mac. Here is a step-by-step manual to assist you in getting back those priceless documents. 

Go to the “File” menu in the top-left corner of the screen when you have Word open on your Mac. Choose “Open Recent” from there, then scroll down until you see “Recover Unsaved Documents” as an option. A list of recently unsaved documents will appear when you click on it.

If your desired file isn’t in that list, don’t lose hope just yet! Head over to Finder and click on “Go” in the menu bar. Then choose “Go to Folder.” In the search box that appears, type “~/Library/Containers/

Word/Data/Library/Preferences/AutoRecovery/” and hit Enter. This will take you directly to where Word stores its auto-recovery files.

Once you’re in this folder, look for any files with names starting with “~WRD”. These are temporary files created by Word during auto-save or when a crash occurs. Find your lost document among these files based on its date modified or size.

To recover it, simply copy and paste it onto another location like your desktop or a new folder before renaming it with “.docx” extension instead of “~WRD”.

Remember not to close Word while doing this process as some temporary recovery data might still be stored in memory!

By following these steps carefully, you’ll increase your chances of recovering an unsaved Word document successfully on your Mac. But what if none of these methods work? Don’t worry; we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves! Stay tuned for more helpful tips coming up next.

What to Do If You Can’t Find Your Unsaved Word Document

You’re working on an important report or essay in Microsoft Word on your Mac, and suddenly disaster strikes – the application crashes or your computer shuts down unexpectedly. Panic sets in as you realize that you hadn’t saved your document yet. You frantically search through all the usual places but can’t find a trace of your unsaved work. Don’t worry, there are steps you can take to try and recover that precious document.

Check if AutoRecover is enabled in Word. To do this, open Word and go to Preferences > Save and make sure the “Save AutoRecover info every…” option is checked. If it was already enabled, navigate to “Word” > “Preferences” > “File Locations” to see where auto-recovered files are stored.

If you still can’t locate your unsaved document using these methods, try searching for temporary files on your Mac using Spotlight or Finder’s search function. Look for files with names like “~WRLxxxx.tmp” or “~WRDxxxx.tmp”.

Another option is to use data recovery software specifically designed for Mac systems. There are several reputable programs available such as Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software which can scan and retrieve deleted or lost documents.

Remember to act quickly when attempting recovery as temporary files may be overwritten by new data if not retrieved promptly.

These procedures should improve your chances of successfully recovering an unsaved Word document, which can be quite irritating to lose. During next work sessions, maintain your composure, pay attention, and save frequently!

Saving Important Word Documents: Some Tips

  1. Use AutoSave: In order to automatically save your documents at regular intervals, use the AutoSave option in Microsoft Word. This will prevent you from losing your progress even if you neglect to manually save. 
  2. Save Several Versions: Make it a practise to save numerous versions of all of your crucial documents. Adding a date or version number to the file name is possible when using the “Save As” option. As a result, if necessary, you can return to earlier versions.
  3. Use Cloud Storage: Make use of online storage solutions like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. By storing your papers on these platforms, you’ll have access to them from any device and a backup in case your machine breaks down.
  4. create Reminders: As a reminder to save your work, create reminders on your computer or phone for regular intervals to prevent forgetting to save essential documents.
  5. Make Use of File Recovery Software: Invest in dependable Mac data recovery software, such as Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software, which may effectively assist in recovering erased or unsaved information.
  6. Keep an extra hard drive on hand and frequently backup all of your crucial Word documents to it for additional security against unanticipated occurrences.

Remember that accidents do occur, but by taking proactive steps to safeguard and save crucial Word documents, you can rest assured that they will be secure and simple to retrieve when required.


It might be distressing to lose an unsaved Word document, but happily, there are ways to get your work back on a Mac. You can improve your chances of recovering those crucial files by following the instructions provided in this article. 

Keep in mind to check Word’s AutoRecovery option. With the help of this useful tool, your document is automatically saved at regular intervals, providing you with a backup file you may access when necessary. 

If the initial attempt falls short, there’s no need to fret. Your Mac might have safeguarded a fleeting duplicate of the file within its system. Should your vanished document’s name or content correlate with any files bearing the .tmp extension, harness the prowess of Spotlight or Finder’s search utility to unearth them. Rest assured, Mac trash recovery could hold the key to reclaiming what’s lost.

If all else fails and you are still unable to locate your unsaved Word document, you might want to think about using reputable data recovery software like Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software. It offers a useful approach to recover deleted files from a variety of storage media thanks to its sophisticated scanning algorithms and user-friendly interface.

To avoid ever again misplacing crucial documents:

  • Develop the practise of often saving Word documents.
  • Turn on Microsoft Word’s AutoSave and AutoRecover functions.
  • Use online storage services like iCloud or Dropbox to create regular backups.
  • Use external storage tools, such as USB drives or external hard drives, as backup alternatives.
  • Think about regularly backing up your PC with Time Machine or other solutions.

You can reduce the likelihood of losing crucial data due to unforeseen circumstances by adhering to these preventive measures and being vigilant about protecting your work. When it comes to safeguarding vital documents, always remember that prevention is always preferable to cure!

Therefore, keep these safety measures in mind the next time you’re working on a crucial project with MS Word on your Mac. This way, even if something unplanned happens, retrieving those unsaved documents won’t be an impossible process. Keep cool, adhere to the instructions in this article, and recover your unsaved data to avoid being discouraged by technological errors.

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