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Rent an iPad – Making the Best Choice for Your Business

If you have a small business and are looking to promote it, you could consider renting an iPad. Currently, there are different companies online that are going to rent iPads for small to mid-sized events and even short-term usage. Most of these businesses will ship the iPad to the location of your choice. Some of the larger companies are even going to deliver the iPads to your location with local on-site support.

Benefits to Renting a Tablet

There are many benefits to renting a tablet PC. The first is that businesses rent them for advertising events and conferences, trade shows, seasonal sales, conferences, and even small personal gatherings. If you have never rented an iPad before, you are probably wondering what is the different between iPad rental and renting other media format laptops and desktops? In addition, how much do they cost and how long does it usually take to get the iPad back after being rented? In this article, we are going to answer these questions and more.

iPad Rentals Pricing

Let’s first look at the iPad rentals pricing. This price includes the fee that Apple charges for the rental. Typically, this fee covers the shipping of the iPad as well as the cost of handling, assembling and delivery. These fees vary from business to business and event to event so be sure to check with your potential rental company.

Rent an iPad is Through Trade Shows

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at a few of the other types of ways to rent an iPad. One of the most common ways to rent an iPad is through trade shows. Generally, businesses use a combination of their own equipment and rental companies to rent iPads to display at their event. Businesses can either choose to rent a large iPad or multiple smaller iPad units depending on their needs. Additionally, some businesses choose to rent from various iPad rental companies to allow employees to demo the device for longer periods of time.

Rent an iPad through Customer Support

Another option to rent iPad is by going through the customer support of the manufacturer. Apple offers an online store that allows customers to rent an iPad as well as purchase the device. Although the customer support process may be a bit more involved than the other options previously described, it is still fairly simple to complete and can often save a customer hundreds of dollars off the retail price of an iPad. 


For many consumers, the best rental option is to rent the devices through a company that offers excellent customer support. Customer support can ensure that customers receive the product that they paid for within a reasonable amount of time. Customer support can also help a business save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent contacting customer service. Companies that provide iPad rentals often have their own technicians on hand to help consumers return the devices safely and securely. These professionals can also provide technical support for all of the equipment associated with the rental.

Additionally, there are various business organizations that offer iPads to consumers for a period of time at a discounted rate. These businesses rent the tablets for a one-time fee and return them to the customer once the lease has expired. The benefit of partnering with an organization like this is that the organization will assist in the training of customers on the proper use of their tablet. In turn, the customer will pay a monthly rental fee to the business group until the lease has expired. Businesses that rent iPads typically receive a one-year written warranty and technical support plan.


One final option to rent iPads is through third party companies that offer iPad rentals at affordable prices. These companies generally charge a per week rate for up to two years with a one-year written warranty plan. The majority of companies that rent the devices offer return policies in the event that the consumer’s device is damaged. Many organizations also offer extended warranties during the life of the rental agreement in the event that the device encounters damage from usage. As with renting from an individual or business, most organizations that rent iPads charge a one-time fee to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

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