Resplendent Diamond Solitaire Rings to Make Your Loved One Feel Exceptional

Diamond solitaire rings are one of the very special gifts you can give your loved one. Whether it’s your engagement, wedding, or anniversary, diamond solitaire rings make an exceptionally good choice as a gift. You can also gift it as a unique birthday present that will make your dear one feel so special and loved. Besides being gifted, you can always reward yourself with one and be a unique ring to statement your love for yourself.

Choose the pattern, style, and design of your timeless diamond solitaire rings

You can choose from different designs while picking your solitaire diamond rings. Take care to note these factors when you feel like adding new diamond solitaire rings to your collection:

1. Setting of the diamond

The solitaire setting means that there will ideally be one diamond that will form the jewellery. Though the classic diamond solitaire rings have one diamond, there are also rings in which the big diamond is surrounded and framed by tiny diamonds, called the halo design. You will find solitaire settings also in pendants and necklaces apart from rings.

2. Shape of the stone

You can choose the ageless classic round solitaire, a hexagonal shape solitaire, or a teardrop shape. You can also go for an oval shape which gives a modern-day twist on your classic round diamond ring. The oval can be tall and slender or short and plump.

3. Colour of the diamond

You can stick with diamonds with minimum colours and choose the classic transparent or white colour. You can go for a blue, pink, red, yellow, red, or brown; red is the rarest diamond colour in the world. You can go for a solitaire with high clarity that looks clean and shines bright. The metal holding the diamond can be tapered or straight. You can also choose the number of prongs that will hold the diamond in detail.

4. Colour of the metal

You can pick the metal from yellow gold, rose gold, silver, or platinum. Yellow gold rings goes well with traditional Indian wear, while rose gold, silver, or platinum blend well with nudes, neutrals, and formals. Similarly, you can choose the carat weight of the solitaire according to your preference. Remarkably creative jewellery designers meticulously create new designs and patterns with every range that is rolled out.

Why are diamond solitaire rings so special?

The true value of diamond solitaire rings lies in the simplicity, elegance and brilliance of the rings, all at the same time. Diamond solitaire rings are the most classic among all diamond jewellery, and it is the most versatile piece of jewellery. The diamond solitaire rings are the most elegant, subtle and timeless. One piece of jewellery holds so much meaning, whether you get it from your loved one, gift it to someone, or gift it to yourself. Diamonds symbolise love, and diamond solitaire rings rightfully stand as a sign of love. A solitaire diamond will often be passed down your generations. Sometimes, only the big diamond or a few of the tiny diamonds can be used to remake the new ring for the next generation to keep the value of sentiment intact.

So, you can go ahead and choose your ring from all the unique and classic designs of diamond solitaire rings available. With the many options of diamond shapes, settings, designs, stone colours, and the metal colour, there is one out there that is the perfect match with everyone!

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