Seven Things you Do Not Know about a Virtual Staging Company

Gone are the days when people had no idea about virtual staging companies, now is the time when some of the ordinary property dealers and buyers are also aware of the field. From property constructors to real estate agents, from direct sellers to direct buyers, almost everyone has an idea about what a virtual staging designer does. Once you are aware of such a concept, you don’t think of spending on a sample apartment. You think of investing half the amount on a good virtual staging designer and get the task done from him.

However, if you think you know everything about a virtual staging company, just because you’ve researched a couple of things about it, there are still several things you might not be aware of. There are the top things you do not know about a virtual staging company, yet:

  1. It is not a new concept at all: No doubt virtual staging started from the time computers have come into the picture, but it’s not that it’s a very recent concept. Companies like spotless creative group have quickly created a name in the market and have hired some of the most experienced designers under their roofs. This means the designing is done by brains that have been in this market for a long time. When you interact with an experienced professional, you do not have to tell them everything in detail about what you want. Even if you provide them with a brief knowledge, they can do their job easily.
  2. Such a company is open to take advices, if you have a good amount of knowledge: If you have some knowledge in the field of virtual staging and you want the designer to work in a specific way, you can always tell him. You can also suggest as per your Spiritual Guru (if you follow anyone). For an instance, if your guide tells you to have more of white furniture items in the virtually staged image, you can guide the designer accordingly. A lot of companies help you with the same.
  3. Some people use the images created by such companies and do the entire interior of their homes: When your buyers fall in love with the images you have advertised, they not only buy the house, but also create a home just like the one they have seen in the promoted pictures. No doubt the exact furniture might not be found in the market, but something similar always helps them create the same vibe.
  4. Several virtual staging companies are open to negotiate their fees with their clients: If someone tells you that a virtual staging company will not negotiate its fee, they have no negotiation skills. Depending upon your needs and the experience of the designer, the fee is decided by a couple of companies in this field.
  5. A professional virtual staging company focuses on the bathrooms as well: People love luxurious bathrooms. So many people click pictures of their gorgeous bathrooms and share them on social media. Thus, if you want to have your house sold, you must show pictures of the spacious and tidy bathroom as well. This proves you are taking care of the basic things of the property as well!
  6. Even the most basic furniture items are included by such a company: YES! A good television set, some paintings, lampshades, chandeliers, etc. are also added by virtual staging designers. Once you let them know what details you require in the image, they help you with a dream house right in front of the eyes of the buyers.
  7. If you like a specific designer’s work, you can request the company to get your work done from him: Some companies know how to maintain good relations with their clients, as they can get them more work in future. If you’ve gotten the work done from a specific designer of a company earlier and you want to hire the same person, you can always choose him from the company. Names like spotless creative group listen to your needs. If you are more comfortable with a specific designer, you have all the rights to ask for his work for yourself, once again.

There are two ways in which you can get the virtual staging work done for your apartment selling needs – hiring a company or hiring a freelancer. Whatever you choose, make sure you tell your requirements in detail pre-handedly and discuss or negotiate on the fees as well. Also, ensure to hire a professional company or a designer to receive the images just when you need them. Don’t forget – the designers are open to editing as well, if needed. All you need to do is let them know when you’re not satisfied with their work and the good ones would do everything they possibly can to help you.

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