Seychelles: A Haven of Luxury

The Republic of Seychelles, with its 115 islands and a plethora of other reasons to visit, is combining brains and elegance in order to instill heightened levels of economic savvy into its naturally breathtaking surroundings.

With a population of fewer than 100,000 natives, the archipelago is the smallest of all sovereign African countries,  However, the country continues to punch above its weight and thrive as much more than a paradise destination across both its outer and inner footprints – especially within its capital, Victoria.

Tourism has and will continue to play an important role in the country’s development, leveraging the country’s hot and humid climate, as well as its picturesque aesthetics, to facilitate a tourism infrastructure that now also lends itself to a variety of industries and sub-sectors for the business world to explore.

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“Seychelles has evolved greatly in recent years and this has been largely due to a greater volume of business created by enhanced visibility of the brand and also greater connectivity by a growing number of airlines servicing the archipelago,” affirms the Seychelles Tourism Board. “This combination of factors favourable to growth has been further nurtured by years of economic, social and political harmony with which the country has been blessed.”

In the end, what has been developed is a masqueraded economic center nestled among the palm trees and white sands that adorn the many small islands.

Facts and figures

Languages: English, French, Seychellois

Area: 459 square kilometres

Population (2016): 94,000+

GDP (2015): $2.76 billion

Currency: Seychellois rupee

Time zone: UTC+4

Dialling code: +248

Internet TLD: .sc

Business End

The country’s international scope in terms of business growth is aided by a mix of English and French-speaking residents, which began in earnest after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1976. Following this diversification of its global outreach from purely agricultural to a genuinely multi-market economy, GDP production has risen exponentially almost every year since then, and Seychelles now has the highest nominal per-capita GDP on the continent.

After the global economic crisis of 2008, the country’s government has gone to great lengths to maintain its position through more concerted privatization of businesses, which has sparked increased interest from FDIs and the international business community.

Similarly, Seychelles has taken advantage of this diversification trend to veer somewhat away from its natural tourism inclinations.

The Seychelles Tourism Board adds: “The Seychelles has taken the decision to diversify both in terms of its tourism markets and also in terms of its economic base, seeking ways to diminish risk of depending entirely on tourism by looking to explore the many exciting aspects of its Blue Economy and to fortify its offshore financial services sector which has already grown to represent roughly eight percent of GDP.

“As a result, the State Bank of Mauritius and Al Salaam Bank Seychelles, both based in Bahrain, are establishing branches in Victoria. Pangea Beach, a new residential complex on the outskirts of Victoria, will deliver cutting-edge amenities in a luxurious cocoon.”

Out and About

The country is best described as a “cocoon of luxury,” and while diversification is proving smart and astute, it does not detract from the country’s core asset: its idyllic setting and consequent appeal as a tourism hub.

The country is best described as a “cocoon of luxury,” and while diversification is proving smart and astute, it does not detract from the country’s core asset: its idyllic setting and consequent appeal as a tourism hub.

Its hospitality choices, transportation network, conference facilities, and leisure functions now befit a country prepared and ready for comprehensive business facilitation, making it a year-round and all-purpose destination. Story Seychelles Villas is one of the best options you can go to in Seychelles whether you are traveling for a romantic getaway or a business conference.

The government has made several improvements to its hotels and public facilities to attract foreign investment in recent years.

In Beau Vallon, STORY Seychelles features an unrivaled array of opulently appointed rooms that represent the true heritage of the Seychelles. Each of the hotel’s 100 suites and villas is the pinnacle of tropical luxury. At this Seychelles romantic resort, expect nothing but unobstructed views, charming Creole hospitality, and a new level of indulgence.

When you’re out and about, the Seychelles’ diverse nature shines through in every restaurant, bar, market, and landmark, enabling the country’s natural and historical tastes to speak for themselves rather than being overly westernized.

Seafood, accompanied by fresh, exotic fruits and flowers, is invariably a large part of the country’s cuisine and is championed by the majority of each island’s top restaurants.

Seychelles Tourism Board

The Seychelles Tourism Board was established in 2006 as the successor to the Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority, which was established in 2000. The Seychelles Tourism Board is responsible for most aspects of the tourism industry in Seychelles. The Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) trains workers for Seychelles’ hospitality industry, while the Marketing Fund coordinates the destination’s marketing.

“STB is also charged with implementing national tourism policy, conceiving all marketing initiatives and collateral materials for research and product development; providing local information and customer services as well as coordination with tourism offices and representative agencies abroad,” the Board elaborates. “Its original mission was ‘a drive to further raise visitor numbers, continuing to develop and maintain an authentic, dynamic and sustainable product at home, based on professionalism and value for money, as the foundation for parallel, innovative and cost-effective marketing campaigns throughout core and emerging markets’.”

Story Seychelles

A natural reef can be reached by swimming 50 meters from the beach at its Boutique Resort.

In the luxury surrounds of its 5-star Boutique Resort, make memories that will last a lifetime. Tranquil, environmentally friendly, and culturally related, thanks to its Creole colonial architecture as well as Seychellois.

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