Sheet metal storage system – what should you know? 

Sheet steel has been in great demand for thousands of years. From a production point of view, sheet steel is a semi-finished product, which is processed into an end product by further processing steps. The first sheet steel was made from very soft materials. Nowadays there is a wide choice of dimensions and material thicknesses. 

Four ways to optimally store and collect different loads

The modular vertical lift system or sheet metal storage system has been developed for a wide variety of storage and order picking applications within companies. The combination of the highest possible storage density, flexible storage strategies and high security makes the unique storage solution. It is developed for efficient storage and ergonomic order picking of heavy loads. With its capabilities to store pallets and integrate an overhead crane, this vertical lift system has two additional applications that allow our customers to further improve their storage processes.

Heavy load storage:

Thanks to the development of new, more robust trays, can handle even heavier loads. Trays with a width of 1250 mm can carry up to 1000 kg, trays with a width of 4050 mm 800 kg. That equates to a total storage capacity of 120 tons per vertical lift – almost twice as much as with previous systems.

Flexible storage of parts of different sizes:

Trays with different load capacities can be used in a single vertical carousel. Apart from lower purchase costs, this mix of trays offers the possibility to store both heavy loads and large quantities of small parts in one storage system. In short: we offer our customers the opportunity to organize their logistics processes more flexibly, efficiently and ergonomically.

Storage of pallets:

Thanks to a recently developed tray technology even suitable for the storage of pallets. Two pallets fit next to each other in the storage system.

The Euro pallets can be placed with a stacker on a manual or automatic tray extraction system and then stored immediately. This new pallet storage system results in a reduction of the storage space, as the pallets can be stored up to a height of 20 meters. In addition, it provides faster access to the goods on the pallets. The time-consuming storage and retrieval process is completely eliminated, as is the need to use high bay trucks.

Integrated lifting installation:

For the first time, the customers are offered the option of using a vertical lift with a built-in overhead crane. Customers can now move heavy loads with an integrated hoist above the workplace.

The integrated overhead crane makes efficient storage and collection of heavy loads with weights up to one tonne a simple task. The loads can be placed directly on the trays. The power operated overhead crane can be extended beyond the front of the workstation for easy pick up and return of any load. No additional construction is required to mount the overhead crane. It is therefore no longer necessary to mount an external hoist or manipulator. Other advantages include the fast and safe storage of heavy loads on trays, the improved ergonomics and safety for the employees and the possibility to move the entire system, including the hoisting installation, without any problems.

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