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Should you buy or not buy Instagram followers?

Instagram has over 1 billion active users. With the cutthroat level of competition that is going on in Instagram, growing a brand from the ground up is pretty daunting. However, if you don’t advertise on social media, your brand will never grow. Most people prefer to buy and recognize brands on social media nowadays. Thus, if your brand is not on a platform like Instagram, now is the time to change that. However, as I mentioned before, growing a profile on Instagram from the ground up is pretty difficult. To start gaining interaction on Instagram, you will have to spend at least six months consistently posting content, engaging with your audiences, answering queries, etc.

Instagram is based on trends and engagement. If you have ten followers, but they engage on your posts, Instagram will promote your post further. However, if you have 10,000 followers and only ten followers engage on your post, Instagram will see this as a very low engagement rate and will not promote your post any further. Therefore, if you want to grow on Instagram, you need an active following. By active following, the indication is towards people who will actively engage with your posts, either like or comment on them. If you do not get engagement on Instagram, your post will not be shown wider, and you will lose out on the marketing strategy.

How can you grow on Instagram if you are a new business?

The biggest advantage with buying follows is that the following number can be used as a stepping stone to further boost your profile and gain more followers. If you are a new business, you should go for buying followers. Establishing a brand identity will be impossible if you are a new company and have only 20 followers. However, if you have 10,000 followers, people will trust the brand because so many people are following the brand already. This is where buying followers comes in handy.

The next question arises where to buy Instagram followers? If you are looking for sites to buy Instagram followers, that’s the first site you should check out is Famoid. Famoid is a legal and authentic website for purchasing Instagram followers. The best part about Famoid is that they do not ask for your username and Instagram password. Floyd also sends those users to your profile who are interested in a similar niche. Therefore, your follower count increases, but you also get an audience that is interested in your content. This increases the engagement rate. Instagram shows your post to a wider audience when your engagement rate increases. Therefore, it is beneficial both ways.

When increasing your IG following, you must also focus on posting content regularly and at pre-scheduled times. You can find out which time your audience interacts with your posts the most by checking the insights tab. You will get an idea about the gender, demographics, preferences of your audience from the insight section. However, your account must be a business account to access insights. Therefore, if your account is not a business account, change it so that you can access the insight tab.

Marketing on Instagram involves posting, using relevant hashtags, participating in discussions with other brands where you can provide a solution, answering every query, interacting with your audience on chats, etc. If you follow all these strategies after gaining an initial follower count, your Instagram account will grow by leaps and bounds. Remember to keep your photography good and not compromise on the lighting since Instagram works on visual appeal. Click here for more Instagram marketing articles.

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