Simple Yet Effective Tips To Manage Stress

1. Take Some Time Off

Sometimes all you need is some time off of your routine to manage and beat stress. Simply stepping away from the desk for a moment, talking to a colleague, or even going out for a walk may be enough to alleviate stress before it can build up. A 5-minute break will be enough to calm your mind and body.

2. Read Something Entertaining

Reading something new, such as a magazine, newspaper, or novel, can come in handy when feeling stressed. Consider taking your pet out for a walk, try a new recipe, or even take a long warm shower too.

3. Try Active Relaxation

Don’t stay in the same position for too long. Try some simple exercises and workouts instead to get the blood moving.

4. Go For A Walk

Going for a walk may work for you too.  The walk doesn’t necessarily need to be a long one – the change of scenery will help refresh the mind.  You could also ask a friend or spouse to accompany you on the walk or a cycle.

5. Take Long Breaths

Deep breathing exercises have proven to be quite effective in managing stress and anxiety. The best way to do this would be to take long breathes, hold it for a few seconds, then release it slowly. Doing so enables the mind to relax even faster. The increased oxygen levels in the blood may also help trigger relaxation. Check out for more guidelines on how to breathe properly.

6. Tap Your Artistic Side

Putting your creative side into action could be an excellent distraction too. You d’t have to be an expert in it, but rather engage your creativity to produce the best you can. This can be anything from making crafts, drawing, painting, playing a musical instrument, dancing, baking, or even fishing.  You could also try yoga dancing to see how flexible you can be.

7. Commune With Nature

Nature provides some of the best remedies for better mental and physical health. Instead of sulking indoors, why not spare a few minutes or an hour of your time to walk in the countryside, the local park, or go sightseeing. A safari would be a welcome treat, especially if you have been yearning to go for one for months.

If a safari or camping is out of the question, taking part in nature conservation through gardening can be an excellent distraction. Start by working on the flower garden at the front, or grow some veggies for future use. You will be surprised by how fulfilling gardening can be.

8. Listen To Relaxing Music

Music is food to the soul. Listening to calm and relaxing music will help drown your worries and elevate your moods.  You can choose to blast those speakers with some music, or even better, put your headphones on to jam to your favorite music. A few minutes into jamming to your favorite music and all your worries will fade away. Just be sure to pick something you can listen to, but not the kind that will only worsen the condition.

9. Socialize

Surround yourself with love, and everything will fall into place. Call a friend, chat with them via social media, browse funny memes on social media, or even visit your parents or siblings. Doing so should see your cortisol levels decline significantly, allowing you to appreciate life as it is.  You could also use your phone or computer for entertainment too.

10. Consider Electronic Device Detox

Continued use of electronic devices could also be the reason you feel stressed. Avoiding these devices, especially smartphones, the TV, and computers, could allow the brain to produce melatonin, serotonin, and other happy hormones.  Staying away from these devices, even for an hour, can be quite beneficial for your overall health.

11. Get Comfortable

Not getting enough sleep is a fast track to stress. Make sure you are getting a restful sleep with a Therapedic mattress.

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