Smartphone or a Laptop? Which is Better for Learning

As days are passing by, science is growing more, and technology is getting more advanced. Years ago, when no one thought of sitting back at home and relishing a pick hour, modern times have offered us half the work done at home itself. Indeed, most of the work has now become highly accessible and many of them, including jobs, bill payments, entertainment, taking education can be done at home now, which was a dream before.

In this regard, education being one of the most important things, often a debate arises that, which of the devices, including a smartphone and a laptop is more compatible for studying. Online education has been developing over the years, and especially in the high COVID time, being online was the only way out for the whole education system.

Students had to attend online classes, and study online, by seeing the notes given by their teachers digitally. In this matter, the debate arises, which device is better for researching, studying, and overall learning? Well, will discuss it in detail here.

Comparison of the devices

It is indeed true that students are more accustomed to smartphones rather than big devices like laptops or computers, and they do most of their work on a smartphone. However, the scenario must be different in the learning regard, judging certain circumstances.

Reading Textbooks

With both a laptop/ computer and a smartphone, we can attend online classes, and send and receive notes. However, when it comes to reading small content, or even a digital textbook or watching vidoes, laptops or computers are ideal. You know a website, where they sell online courses, you buy one of them, which you can primarily do from your mobile too. 

Watching Videos

On a smartphone, you need to zoom in on every word that you want to read compared to a bigger screen, were reading the content is easier. A textbook is easily readable on a laptop but on a small device, you’ll face a lot of scrolling too. However, you can freely watch the educational vidoes on both devices. The only difference you’ll feel is the screen size, but that won’t hamper your experience or learning.

Giving Exams

During the online exams, or if you have sat for any mock exams, both the devices can be accompanied. You’re writing the answers in your sheet, after seeing the questions from either your laptop or your smartphone, it primarily matters a little. Only in case of the long questions, you need to see them by scrolling down or sliding sidewise in a smartphone, but it won’t take much of your time.

Going through the PPTs

However, while attending a class, a computer/ laptop or even a tablet is preferable to a smartphone, You listen to the lectures or interact with your teacher, which isn’t hard. But during the session, if a PPT is shown, then you’ll have difficulty figuring out the content. Not only in classes, but if you go to a website where they sell courses online or PPTs, from there also, you’ll experience the same problem, which is absent in computers. 

Make your hand free

Moreover, while attending a class on a smartphone many students hold it with one of their hands and take notes with the other. Computers will make your hands free, and you’ll be able to take notes freely.

Laptop hardly distracts students

We use technology gadgets like smartphones or a laptop in the present situation, but they weren’t used in the past. The studying method had changed and the way of learning has evolved. Overall, judging the present scenario of learning which has totally changed from years before, a laptop is better than mobile in terms of learning. However, you can watch videos and listen to audio, and do the other two, for learning, especially if you don’t have a computer in your home.

Also, mobile will be more advantageous when you need to carry it somewhere else. Laptops can be portable too, but harder than carrying mobiles. Suppose you go on a vacation, or to your relative’s house, in that case, using solely mobile for 3 or 4 days won’t be a big deal.

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